Can You Toast Bread In An Air Fryer? In-Depth Guide

Can you toast bread in an air fryer? Not only is it possible, but I highly recommend taking on this technique! Using an air fryer removes the need for space-consuming single-function appliances like a toaster. And, from my experience, air fryers even toast better too!

Toast made in an air fryer

Take a look at today’s guide on how to properly toast bread slices using this handy appliance and what the many benefits are of doing so.

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Benefits Of Making Air Fryer Toast

Okay, so this is a question that I get a lot. And at the same time, many people also don’t understand why it’s a question in the first place. But it’s actually REALLY SIMPLE.

Making Toast in Air Fryer

These days, there’s an appliance for everything. The kitchen stock list is growing, but the space isn’t. That leaves a big need for multi-functional appliances, and that’s exactly why an air fryer is one of my favorite ones!

Not only can it toast your bread (and all other kinds of baked goods), but it can replicate uber-crispy deep-frying textures, roast vegetables and meats, bake delicious goods like cakes and muffins, and dehydrate ingredients too!

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What You Need To Toast Bread In An Air Fryer

everything you Need To Toast Bread In An Air Fryer

Now, for this guide, you only need a couple of slices of bread. That being said, a lot of people (myself included), love using some salted butter or olive oil as well. It depends on how you want to use the toast later.

If you do use butter or oil, the toast will become extra crispy and will have a beautiful golden brown color. But not only that, the butter and oil help the slice of bread toast more evenly.

You can use this type of toasted bread for making croutons or breadsticks. It’s delicious!

But again, you only need slices of bread and an air fryer. Other than that, you can grab any toppings that you’d like such as jams, spreads, fruits like avocado or banana, and syrups.

toast with salmon and avocado

How To Make Toast In The Air Fryer

First I have to say that the number of slices you are able to make depends entirely on the size of your air fryer. If you have a small or medium one, you may only be able to make one slice at a time.

How To Make Toast In The Air Fryer

That’s why I always recommend that people invest in a large air fryer. Because once you see how handy it is, you will want to use it for everything!

Larger air fryers can usually hold about two or even four standard slices of bread.

Step 1: Preheat the air fryer

You can set the air fryer to 400⁰F (200⁰C). If you have the option to set the appliance to a specific cooking function, use the “air fry” or “bake” setting.

If you can set a timer, put it at 3 minutes.

Step 2: Add the slices of bread

Once the air fryer has preheated, add the slices of bread. Do not overlap them, or they will brown (and toast) unevenly. It’s best to lay them flat on the air frying basket.

Toast before air frying

Step 3: Toast the bread

Leave the bread to toast for 3 minutes in total. Around the 1 1/2 minute mark (90 seconds), turn the slices over so they toast evenly on both sides.

Even though an air fryer is known for its effective air circulation, the top heating element tends to brown the surface of ingredients faster than the bottom browns.

Toast Bread In An Air Fryer

Can You Toast All Kinds Of Bread?

Now that you know how to toast bread in an air fryer, we can look at some other toastable items!

First up, bagels! And this is one of my favorite ways to prepare them! Bagels toast beautifully in an air fryer, and you can usually fit more halves than slices.

You can also toast English muffins for your eggs benedict or slices of baguette for appetizers.

When it comes to the type of bread, I prefer ciabatta, pitas, and sourdough slices. But you can even toast wraps (tortillas), focaccia, and brioche.

There is nothing that won’t work! The only difference is the amount of time the baked goods will take to properly toast.

Toast made in an airfryer from above


Can you make French toast in an air fryer?

Believe it or not, you actually can! But personally, it’s a little messy for my liking. Nevertheless, it’s an easy and hands-free way to prepare multiple slices at once (more than what you can make in one pan).

Will the toast slices fly around in the air fryer?

Many people are concerned about this, but luckily bread slices are hefty enough to stay put. I think if you are toasting smaller wafer-thin flatbreads you may run into some problems, but I still think it’s unlikely.

Can an air fryer really replace a traditional toaster?

While some people say air fryers are difficult to clean, I ask, “Have you ever tried removing every single crumb from your toaster?” and “Have you ever washed the inside?” Highly unlikely! An air fryer is functionally a better appliance and removes the need for multiple costly, single-functional, and space-consuming appliances.

Can you add aluminum foil to your air fryer?

If you want to catch all the bread crumbs, you can add a sheet of aluminum foil. But I don’t recommend it. The foil will prevent the slices of bread from toasting evenly and efficiently. And after all, the dried toast doesn’t make a big mess. You can easily toss any fallen crumbs in 2 seconds!

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