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Food is something that has always excited me. When I cook, I feel I am composing a song, painting a picture, and writing a book – all at once.

Keesha’s Kitchen is where I have put together all my knowledge and expertise to create a wide range of creative recipes that I truly love and celebrate. With almost 2 decades of experience in the food, hospitality, and retail industry, I offer a wealth of experience when it comes to culinary deliciousness!

All the recipes you find here have been created, tested, and approved by me personally. My recipes and photos have been showcased on esteemed platforms including Unsplash, Medium, Typeform, BuzzFeed, and Woman’s World.

Keesha’s Kitchen is a one-stop destination for all things connected to food.

It is a unique endeavor born out of my love for food. I am equally passionate about bringing people together and offering them something special to enrich their culinary lives. It is my firm belief that the essential elements of food – colors, love, and passion – are more powerful than technicalities and perfection. It is this belief that drives me to be fearless in trying something new – whether in the kitchen or in introducing new dimensions to my business.

Every dish I prepare is unique and an expression of my spirit. I prioritize the use of local, fresh ingredients while combining traditional and modern cuisines to achieve delectable outcomes. My style of cooking is classy and elegant and is a celebration of my love for fruits and spices.

I have a special place in my heart for African, Caribbean, and Latin American cuisines. I strongly believe that tropical food is taking the world by storm and will find its way into the Michelin-starred restaurants of the world. My aim is to share and promote the richness, beauty, and essence of these cuisines to not only boost culinary experiences but create priceless moments of love and cheer.

My passion for food reflects in all the other services we provide at Keesha’s Kitchen.

Tropical food is an experience. This experience is my obsession.


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