Jugo De Remolacha Y Naranja (Beetroot and Orange Juice)

Jugo de remolacha y Naranja, also commonly known as Dominican beets and orange juice, is the perfect refreshing everyday juice.

Because you mainly use vegetables, it contains a lot less sugar and is still packed with nutrients! This beetroot juice recipe is easy to make, very quick, and surprisingly versatile.

What Is Jugo De Remolacha Y Naranja?

If you know anything about Dominican cuisine, you know that juice is a big part of it! Jugo de remolacha y Naranja is one I especially loved growing up.

I know. A lot of big words you may have never heard of before. But essentially, this is an extremely popular Dominican juice made from beets and oranges.

Other names this juice may go by include “Jugo de vampiro” or “jugo de betabel”. The Spanish word for beetroot is “remolacha”. However, “betabel” is another name for it too, which is why you will often see this juice go by multiple names.

What Makes This Dominican Jugo De Remolacha Y Naranja Special?

Now, I get this question a lot. Why is this juice better than others? Personally, I wouldn’t go as far as to say it is better than any other type. There are so many different juice recipes out there, that you can choose what you are craving and what nutrients you want to consume.

Take, for example, my Cantaloupe Melon Juice Recipe. It is equally refreshing and has a deliciously sweet and summery flavor. My beetroot vegetable juice on the other hand is naturally less sweet, which provides benefits of its own.

At the end of the day, whichever you choose depends on what you are craving at that moment.

What this juice offers is a bunch of nutritional benefits including being filled with a lot less sugar than traditional fruit juices. And it is still extremely tasty and packed with a ton of earthy semi-sweet fruity flavors.

It is the perfect option if you are looking for a healthy less-sugar juice option that is easy to make. It is also very quick and can even be made in advance. That is why I still love it today after decades of having it!

Nutritional Content Of Jugo De Remolacha Y Naranja

The main ingredients that this juice is made from are beets and oranges. Because I am not cooking them in any way, you can look at the nutritional values they offer while still raw.

Beets are very low in protein, virtually free of fat, and contain moderate amounts of sugar. However, compared to other fruits they make a much “healthier” less-sugar juice. Beets are filled with carbohydrates which will help you feel fuller quicker.

The main nutrients that beets provide are folate and potassium. Both of them help protect your blood vessels and overall heart health. Other lesser yet note-worthy nutrients are manganese, vitamin A, and vitamin C.

Oranges, as you may already know, are stuffed with vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, and calcium. They are also low in protein and contain no fat. But, they are higher in sugar and calories.

Overall, this is an incredibly healthy juice that also tastes good! You won’t need to force it down like many other traditional health juices!

Tips For My Jugo De Remolacha Y Naranja Juice Recipe

This recipe is quite versatile. While I don’t recommend altering the ratios of orange juice and beets, you can still do so. Carrots are the one ingredient that you don’t have to add if you don’t want to. But, they add flavor and nutrients.

You can easily adjust the amount of sweetness using honey. And, if you don’t want to add any at all, that’s perfectly fine too. When I was young, my grandmother used granulated white sugar. You can too if you don’t have honey.

I didn’t add lemons to my Dominican beets and orange juice recipe. But, many people do it to give the recipe some added tartness. It certainly is delicious, but it’s not necessary. You can also use limes instead.


Is this Dominican beets and orange juice healthy?

Dominican beets and orange juice is incredibly healthy. It is packed with carbohydrates and fiber which will help make you fuller. Not to mention the incredible amount of vitamins and minerals it contains too!

Do you have to boil the beets before juicing them?

You do not have to cook any of these ingredients before blending them. When they are cooked, their texture changes too much. If you blend them afterward, it will be more like a soup than fresh juice. 

Do you have to peel the beets for making juice?

If you properly clean the beetroots and carrots, you don’t have to peel them for juicing. Just remove the tops (stalks or roots). The peel of these vegetables contains a ton of nutrients which will be lost if they are removed and tossed.

What is vampire juice?

Vampire juice is another common name used to describe any type of beetroot juice, not just Dominican beets and orange juice. The name comes from its super red color that is said to look like what vampires drink.

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Jugo De Remolacha y Naranja

Dominican Beets & Orange Juice (Jugo De Remolacha Y Naranja)

This Dominican beets and orange juice recipe (also known as Jugo de remolacha y Naranja) is easy to make, quick, versatile, and contains a ton of nutrients. All while being significantly lower in sugar than most other juices.
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Servings 4


  • 2 cups beets, washed
  • 2 cups carrots, washed
  • 5 cups orange juice
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 1 juiced lemon, optional


  • To start, prepare all of your vegetables. You have to scrub them very well to remove any dirt and particles. Rinse them under clean running water to ensure the dirt is washed away completely. Remove the roots or stalks and cut the beets and carrots into chunks.
  • Then, add the beet and carrot chunks into the blender with the orange juice. Blend the ingredients together until you have a completely uniform mixture.
  • Then, add the honey and any additional ingredients to the juice. Adjust the flavor according to your liking. Give the ingredients another blend to distribute the sweetener evenly.
  • If you don't like the pulp in the juice, you can strain it through a fine-mesh sieve. You can also use a muslin cloth, but this will take a long. And the beetroot juice will stain the material. However, it will give you silky smooth pulp-free juice.
  • Once your juice is blended and strained (optional), you can serve it immediately while it's still fresh.
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