Mexico’s Top 25 Best Street Foods You Have to Try: Quick Guide

Prepare yourself for a flavor-packed adventure through the vibrant world of the Top 25 Best Mexican Street Foods!

Whether you’re wandering the vibrant streets of Mexico City or exploring local markets, be prepared for a taste sensation that will leave you craving more.

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So get ready and wave your Mexican flag as we embark on an unforgettable culinary journey through the enchanting world of Mexican street food!


Tacos served on a wooden platter with lime wedge.

When it comes to Mexican street foods, tacos are an absolute must-try.

These delicious treats consist of a warm corn tortilla filled with various ingredients such as succulent meats, fresh vegetables, and creamy cheeses. Add a dash of hot sauce for an extra kick or top them off with some cilantro and onions for added flavor.

One thing is for sure – no trip to Mexico would be complete without indulging in these scrumptious street food gems.

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Tamales served in a brown plate with chili and cilantro.

Indulge in the mouthwatering delight of steaming hot tamales, bursting with flavors and wrapped in fragrant corn husks. They are made using a mixture of the corn husk and masa, which is filled with a range of fillings including meats, beans, cheese or even fruits like pineapple.

To add an extra layer of flavor and aroma to the dish, some cooks wrap the tamales in banana leaf instead of corn husks and infuse them with achiote seed paste. These small bundles of joy are usually served with salsa or guacamole on the side and can be enjoyed any time of day.

Whether you’re walking around Mexico City or exploring one of its many markets, tamales are a must-try street food that will leave your taste buds dancing.


Tortas served on a traditional plate with avocado.

The foundation of a torta is a type of bread roll called a bolillo or a telera. These bread rolls are typically sliced in half and then filled to the brim with savory meats and fresh ingredients that will leave you wanting more.

One popular variety is the torta de tamal, which features a tamale nestled inside a soft bun, along with refried beans, meat and sour cream.

Another must-try is the torta ahogada, or ‘drowned sandwich,’ made with marinated pork and smothered in a spicy chili sauce.


Quesadillas served on a wooden plate with sour cream and salsa.

If you’re looking for a quick and delicious Mexican food in the city, don’t miss out on trying some of the mouthwatering quesadillas available at local food stands and restaurants.

Quesadillas are one of the best Mexican street foods and have become increasingly popular worldwide due to their simple yet flavorful combination of cheese and corn tortillas. It can be filled with anything from mushrooms to wild turkey or beef tripe, making it a perfect option for vegetarians and meat lovers alike.

Quesadillas are also a staple in Mexican cuisine as they are often served alongside chili peppers, guacamole, and salsa for added flavor. So grab a hot-off-the-grill quesadilla next time you’re wandering the streets of Mexico City and experience the magic that is Mexican street foods.

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Elotes served on a black plate with garnish and lime wedges.

Get ready to sink your teeth into the mouthwatering elotes, a popular Mexican food found all over the city.

Elotes are grilled corn on the cob that is smothered in melted cheese and then seasoned with chile powder and lime juice.

This delicious corn snack is typically served on a stick or in a cup, making it easy to enjoy while walking around exploring the city.

The corn husk provides a natural handle for holding onto while biting into the sweet corn, which is perfectly cooked and juicy.

The combination of flavors from the corn seasonings and cheese makes this an unforgettable street food experience that shouldn’t be missed when visiting Mexico.



This is for all corn lovers! Indulge in the irresistible flavors of esquites, a beloved corn snack that will transport you to the heart of Mexican cuisine with each spoonful.

Made from corn kernels that are cooked until tender and mixed with various seasonings such as chili powder, lime juice, and mayonnaise, esquites are a delicious explosion of flavor in your mouth.

For those who love meat, many vendors offer esquites with marinated pork cooked al pastor style for an even more savory experience.

Trust me when I say that trying this dish is a must when visiting Mexico – it’s easily one of the most popular Mexican foods out there!


Tlayudas serve in a platter garnished with vegetables.

You haven’t experienced true Mexican food until you’ve savored the crispy, smoky goodness of tlayudas. This traditional Oaxacan dish is one of the best Mexican street food and a must-try for anyone interested in exploring the diverse flavors of Mexican gastronomy.

Tlayudas consist of a large, thin, crispy corn tortilla made from corn kernels and dough that is topped with black beans, shredded beef, lettuce, avocado, and cheese. The corn tortilla itself is then folded in half and grilled over hot coals until it becomes golden brown and slightly charred.

Each bite is bursting with flavor and texture – the crunchiness of the tortilla contrasting beautifully with the softness of the toppings.

Sopes and Gorditas

Sopes and Gorditas

Sopes and gorditas are savory, handheld treats that feature a thick, fluffy masa base piled high with flavorful toppings.

Sopes resemble a Mexican pizza, with a slightly thicker crust made from masa dough instead of traditional pizza dough. They’re typically topped with corn, shredded chicken or beef, refried beans, lettuce, tomato, queso fresco, and salsa.

Gorditas are similar to sopes but have a thicker base that’s often a corn dough and stuffed with meat or cheese before being fried or grilled. The toppings for gorditas can also vary but may include grilled steak, chorizo sausage, avocado slices, or pico de gallo.

Both sopes and gorditas offer a delicious combination of textures and flavors that make them an irresistible and popular Mexican street food to eat.


Tostadas served on a white plate with lime wedges.

Tostadas are a crispy and satisfying dish that can be enjoyed with a variety of toppings. They’re an integral part of Mexican street food and embody the country’s vibrant culture.

Tostadas come in many variations, from simple combinations like refried beans and cheese to more complex options like shredded beef tripe or fresh fruit with chile powder. My personal favorite is topped with corn, shredded cabbage, diced tomatoes, and spicy salsa.

The crunch of the tostada base perfectly complements the freshness of the toppings, creating a delicious balance of flavors and textures. Tostadas are a must-try for anyone looking to explore Mexican food.


Pambazo served on a white plate with sauce and garnish.

Now, let’s talk about another delicious Mexican street food: the Pambazo. This treat is a deep-fried bread roll that’s stuffed with various ingredients like chorizo, potatoes, corn kernels and beans.

What sets the Pambazo apart from other fast food is its unique taste combination of savory and sweet fruit flavors.


Disneyland Churros

You can’t resist the warm, crispy goodness of churros, especially when they’re freshly made and coated in cinnamon sugar.

These popular Mexican street food are a must-try for anyone with a sweet tooth. They may look simple, but churros are actually quite complex to make.

Once fried to golden perfection, they are tossed in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar for an irresistible coating.

While delicious on their own, some vendors offer dulce de leche or chocolate sauce for dipping.

Whether eaten plain or with toppings, churros are a beloved treat in Mexico and beyond.


Marquesitas serve on a small colorful plate.

Imagine yourself walking down the vibrant streets of a bustling city, when suddenly the aroma of freshly made marquesitas wafts towards you, tempting your taste buds with its crispy exterior and oozy filling.

Marquesitas are made by pouring batter onto a hot griddle that is then rolled up around a wooden stick. The batter is filled with creamy cheese or Nutella spread, making for an indulgent treat that satisfies both sweet and savory cravings.

To add to its charm, marquesitas are usually served in banana leaf and can be topped with other toppings such as condensed milk or caramel hot sauce too. It’s no wonder why these delicious snacks have become such a popular choice to eat among locals and tourists alike!


Chilaquiles on a black plate with fried egg on top.

Chilaquiles is a popular Mexican food that has been enjoyed for generations.

Typically served for breakfast or brunch, this dish consists of tortilla chips simmered in a tomato-based sauce until they soften and absorb all the delicious flavors.

While some people prefer to eat it plain, others like to add extra toppings like avocado, salsa, fried eggs, shredded chicken, sour cream or cheese.

Chilaquiles are not just a tasty meal but also an intangible cultural heritage that represents the rich history and culinary traditions of Mexico.


Flautas served on a plate with vegetables and sour cream.

Flautas are one of the popular Mexican foods that I absolutely love. They’re made with crispy rolled tortillas that are filled with seasoned meat, usually chicken or beef, and then topped with lettuce, cheese, and salsa.

The tortillas used for flautas are typically fried until they’re golden brown and crispy. If you’re a chicken fan, check out these 29 Mexican Chicken Recipes You Must Try!

One of the things that makes flautas so delicious is the meat filling. There are many different types of fillings to choose from, including chicken broth-infused shredded chicken, spicy hot dogs, or tender cochinita pibil. Once the filling is added to the tortilla roll-up, it’s deep-fried until it’s crispy on all sides.

Finally, the flautas are topped off with fresh lettuce and crumbled Oaxaca cheese before being served piping hot! If you’re looking for a tasty street food snack in Mexican street (or anywhere else in Mexico), be sure to give flautas a try – you won’t be disappointed!


Baked chicken Enchiladas

Enchiladas are a mouth-watering dish made with tortillas filled with seasoned meat and topped with flavorful sauce and melted cheese. This classic Mexican dish can be found all throughout Mexico, but it’s said to have originated in central Mexico during pre-Hispanic times.

Enchiladas vary from specific region to another region, as different Mexican states have their own unique twist on the recipe. Some enchiladas are filled with fresh fruits or raw fish, while others stick to traditional ingredients like chicken or beef.

No matter what variation you try, one thing remains constant – enchiladas are a delicious and satisfying meal!

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A burrito cut in half and served on a platter.

Burritos are a popular dish made with a flour tortilla filled with rice, beans, meat, and other toppings to create a delicious handheld meal.

One unique variation of the burrito is the Japanese peanuts that can be found in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. This version combines peanuts with fragrant herb such as cilantro and parsley for an added burst of flavor.

Another twist on the traditional burrito is the sweet dessert version that incorporates vanilla extract into the filling along with fruits like strawberries or bananas.

Trust me, there is a burrito out there for everyone to enjoy while exploring Mexico’s vibrant street food scene.

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Nachos in a bowl with jalapeno, red chili, and cilantro garnish.

Now let’s talk about another delicious dish that Mexico has to offer: nachos. As someone who loves Mexican street foods, I can’t get enough of the savory flavors and textures found in this popular street food.

Nachos are one of the most representative dishes in Mexican street cuisine and have a fascinating history dating back to the French occupation. In fact, it’s believed that Ignacio Anaya, an employee at a restaurant in Piedras Negras, invented nachos by mixing melted cheese with tortilla chips after running out of other ingredients.

Today, nachos come in many varieties, from classic toppings like ground beef and sour cream to more unique options like wild turkey or seafood. Each bite is a perfect combination of crispy chips, gooey cheese, and flavorful toppings that make for a truly irresistible snack or meal option.

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Molletes served on a platter with salsa in the middle.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the mouthwatering goodness of molletes, a classic Mexican dish that combines fresh bolillo bread with beans, cheese, and other delicious toppings. As someone who loves trying out new street foods, I can confidently say that molletes never disappoint.

The warm and slightly toasted bread serves as the perfect base for the creamy refried beans and generous layers of melted cheese. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can add toppings like chorizo or pico de gallo for an extra burst of flavor.

The best part about molletes is that they’re customizable to your liking and are easy to find in many street food markets across Mexico. It’s no wonder why this dish has become a staple in Mexican cuisine and continues to be a favorite among locals and tourists alike.


Traditional Mexican Quesadillas with ham and cheese served on a colorful plate.

If you’re in the mood for a cheesy and satisfying snack, try ordering some sincronizadas, a popular Mexican dish made with tortillas, ham or other meats, and melted cheese.

These delicious treats are similar to quesadillas but are typically made with larger flour tortillas that are filled with slices of ham or other meats and covered in melted cheese.

Served hot off the grill, they’re perfect for snacking on while wandering through the streets of Mexico City.

Whether you enjoy them as a quick bite on-the-go or as part of a larger meal, sincronizadas are a must-try street food when visiting Mexico.

Gorditas de Chicharrón

Gorditas de Chicharrón

Featuring a savory filling of chicharrón, gorditas are a delectable Mexican snack that can be found in many local markets and food stalls. These little pockets of deliciousness are made from masa, or corn dough, which is shaped into a thick tortilla-like patty and then is deep fried, until crispy on the outside yet soft on the inside.

The chicharrón filling is typically made from pork skin that’s been boiled until tender and then seasoned with herbs and spices before being chopped up into small pieces. The result is a flavorful blend of crispy pork bits nestled inside the warm, pillowy masa shell.

Often served with fresh salsa, guacamole, or sour cream on top, gorditas de chicharrón are sure to satisfy any craving for authentic Mexican street food.

Papitas Preparadas

After indulging in the savory and hearty Gorditas de Chicharrón, you should try another popular street food snack called Papitas Preparadas.

These mouthwatering potato chips are prepared with an array of toppings such as chili powder, lime juice, hot sauce, and even diced fresh fruits like mango or pineapple.

The combination of sweet and spicy flavors is the main reason why Papitas Preparadas is a beloved favorite among locals and tourists alike.



You can’t visit Mexico without trying a Mangonada – the perfect blend of sweet fruit and tangy flavors that will leave your taste buds tingling.

This refreshing street drink is made with fresh mango, lime juice, chamoy sauce (a spicy-sweet condiment), chili powder, and salt.

The ingredients are blended together into a smoothie-like consistency, then served in a large cup or glass rimmed with more chamoy sauce and chili powder.

The result is a deliciously complex flavor profile that starts off sweet and fruity, but ends with a kick of heat and acidity.

It’s the perfect antidote to hot weather or spicy food cravings.

Tacos de Canasta

Tacos de Canasta

After indulging in the sweet and tangy flavors of a mangonada, my taste buds were ready for something savory. That’s when I stumbled upon tacos de canasta, Mexico’s street food gem.

These soft corn tortillas are filled with a variety of meats and topped with onions, cilantro, and salsa before being steamed in large baskets (canastas). The result is a warm and flavorful bite that melts in your mouth. From juicy pork to tender chicken, there’s no shortage of options to choose from.

Aguas Frescas

Aguas Frescas

Indulge your taste buds with the refreshing and fruity flavors of aguas frescas, a popular Mexican drink.

Made from blending fresh fruit with water and sugar, these drinks come in a range of delicious flavors such as hibiscus, tamarind, watermelon, cantaloupe, and lime.

Whether you prefer a sweet or tangy taste, an agua fresca suits every palate.

These drinks are delicious and nutritious as they’re made from natural ingredients and don’t contain preservatives or artificial colors.

They’re often sold by street vendors along with other Mexican street foods like tacos and quesadillas.

So if you want to experience authentic Mexican cuisine, be sure to try out some aguas frescas during your next visit to Mexico!



Empalme is a sandwich-like dish that is a staple in the Mexican state of Nuevo León. The structure of an Empalme includes two corn tortillas. The first tortilla is smeared with lard on both surfaces, then topped with refried beans and salsa.

The second tortilla, also lathered with lard, is placed over the initial filling, forming a sandwich-like configuration. This layered structure is typically heated on a charcoal grill or a comal.

The salsa for Empalmes is usually made with tomatoes, oregano, and chillies. Additional ingredients like chorizo or cheese may also be included.


In conclusion, the depth and diversity of Mexican street food is truly astounding, offering a culinary journey that ignites the senses.

From the vibrant salsas of the empalmes to the earthy comfort of a warm torta, each dish provides a unique window into the heart of Mexican culture.

We’ve traversed through a list of the top 25 best Mexican street foods, each with its own story and flavor. Next time you find yourself in Mexico, or anywhere offering Mexican street cuisine, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try these mouthwatering delicacies.

Remember, the true essence of food lies not just in its taste, but in the experience of discovery and the joy of sharing. So, go forth, explore, and most importantly, enjoy the feast!

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