13 Amazing Halloween Puff Pastry Recipes to Try

Add some tasty excitement to your Halloween festivities with these 13 fantastic puff pastry recipes. Whether you’re throwing a spooky party, want to impress your pals, or want to enjoy some yummy treats, these recipes are perfect.

Amazing Halloween Puff Pastry

You’ll find a mix of flavors, from savory options like cheesy spinach pastries to sweet pumpkin turnovers that look almost too cute. The best part? You can turn puff pastry into fun shapes like ghosts, mummies, and eyeballs, making your Halloween table unique.

Check out another spin on a delicious puff pastry with The Emperor’s New Groove Spinach Puffs, or this Beauty and Beast Rose Apple Pastry!

Halloween mummy sausage in a basket

Don’t worry if you’re not a baking pro – these recipes come with easy, step-by-step instructions. So put on your apron and prepare for a Halloween baking adventure, with everyone asking for more.

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Mummy Puff Pastry Pizza Pies

Looking for a spooktacularly delicious treat this Halloween? Look no further than these Mummy Puff Pastry Pizza Pies! These adorable and savory bites are a must-try for your festive gathering.

To create these cute mummies, start with puff pastry sheets and cut them into smaller squares. Top each square with a flavorful pizza sauce and your favorite toppings: gooey cheese, sliced olives, and pepperoni.

Then comes the fun part: wrapping thin strips of puff pastry over the toppings to create the mummy’s bandages. Leave a little space for olive slice “eyes” to peek through, giving your mummies their charmingly spooky appearance.

Bake them until golden brown, and watch these little mummy pies come to life! Their crispy, flaky crust and savory insides will surely be a hit at your Halloween party.

Whether old or young at heart, these Mummy Puff Pastry Pizza Pies are a playful way to satisfy your Halloween cravings. Have a look at more delicious recipes, like Pizza Cubana.

Pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern Pies

Get ready for some Halloween fun with Pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern Pies! These mini pies put a smile and a taste of fall goodness in your mouth.

Imagine yummy pumpkin filling, all spiced with flavors like cinnamon and nutmeg. When it’s baked, it’s like a warm hug on an excellent autumn day. But here’s the cool part – these pies look just like Jack-O-Lanterns!

The pie crust on top forms cute and spooky faces that make you want to gobble them up.

These pies will steal the show at your Halloween bash. One bite will send you to pumpkin paradise. So, if you’re looking for a treat that’s as fun as it is delicious, Pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern Pies are your go-to. Get ready to carve out some smiles and dig into pumpkin perfection!

Halloween Puff Pastry Intestines

Prepare to gross out your Halloween party guests with the spine-chilling yet scrumptious Halloween Puff Pastry Intestines! These eerie edible creations are a wickedly fun addition to your spooky spread.

Crafted from flaky puff pastry, these “intestines” are filled with savory surprises. Think of them as delectable sausage and cheese-filled delights that will send shivers down your spine. The twisted, knotted appearance gives them an authentic, creepy, and captivating look.

Bite into these hauntingly delicious treats and experience savory flavors that will leave your taste buds in awe.

Whether you’re hosting a ghoulish gathering or want to delight in some culinary Halloween trickery, these Halloween Puff Pastry Intestines are a must-try.

So, channel your inner mad scientist, whip up this gruesomely delightful treat, and watch your guests gasp and grin with every delectable bite!

Puff Pastry Bones for Halloween

These bone-shaped treats are a playful way to add a tasty twist to your spooky celebration.

Made from flaky puff pastry, these bones are crispy and buttery, making them a hit for kids and grown-ups. They might look like spooky skeletons, but they are delicious than scary.

Whether you’re having a Halloween party or want a yummy snack, Puff Pastry Bones are a great choice. You can dip them in sauces or enjoy them as is – either way, they’re sure to disappear fast.

So, grab your apron and prepare to bake up some bone-afide treats that’ll have everyone howling for more!

Mummy Hot Dogs

Wrap up some Halloween fun with Mummy Hot Dogs! These adorable and delicious treats are a must-have for your spooky festivities.

You’ll create cute mummy wrappings around your hot dogs using soft, pillowy strips of crescent roll dough. The result? A crowd-pleasing snack that’s both savory and oh-so-fun. Add a couple of mustard or ketchup eyes, and your mummies will come to life!

Mummy Hot Dogs are the perfect blend of creepy and tasty, making them a hit with kids and adults alike. Whether you’re hosting a costume party, a family gathering, or want a quick Halloween treat, these mummies are sure to steal the show.

Bake them until golden brown, and watch your mummy creations unravel with every bite. Get creative with your condiment “eyes” and make these spooktacular snacks.

Mummy Hot Dogs are a delightful addition to your Halloween menu, bringing a playful twist to your holiday spread.

Witches’ Brooms Puff Pastry

Stir up some enchantment in your kitchen with Witches’ Brooms Puff Pastry! These whimsical and tasty treats will indeed cast a spell on your taste buds.

Using flaky puff pastry, you’ll create mini witch’s broomsticks. Cut the pastry into thin strips, add a pretzel stick handle, and you now have adorable edible brooms! Bake them until golden, and watch as they become a charming addition to your Halloween spread.

Witches’ Brooms Puff Pastry is a delightful blend of savory and crunchy, making them a hit at any spooky gathering. Whether hosting a haunted house party or a scary movie night, these broomsticks add a witchy touch to your festivities.

So grab your broomsticks and hold on tight! If you don’t enjoy them with your favorite dips, they will vanish in no time.

Get creative with your broom designs and make these charming and delectable treats. Witches’ Brooms Puff Pastry is a must-have for a magical Halloween experience!

Puff Pastry Voodoo Dolls

Get ready for some spooky and tasty fun with Puff Pastry Voodoo Dolls! These cute and delicious treats will put a smile on your face.

Using flaky puff pastry, shape these dolls with your gingerbread cutters. Bring them to life with chilling eyes and smiles. Fill them up with your favorite stuff- gooey cheese or sweet fillings!

Once they’re baked and golden, you’ll have a plateful of otherwordly Puff Pastry Voodoo Dolls ready to eat.

Stick them with pins and hand them out; these dolls will be a hit! Puff Pastry Voodoo Dolls are a haunting way to enjoy Halloween. Give them a try and have a spooktacular time!

Easy Halloween Hand Pies

Get ready for some spooktacular fun with Easy Halloween Hand Pies! These petite pies are a tasty way to celebrate the spooky season.

Crafting these treats is a breeze — you can opt for store-bought pie crust or puff pastry. Fill them with your favorite stuff – pumpkin, apple, or cheesy goodness. You can cut them into fantastic shapes like ghosts or pumpkins for that extra Halloween touch.

Once they’re baked and golden, you’ll have a bunch of golden-baked hand pies ready to enjoy. No forks are needed– these finger foods are ready for a bite!

Whether you’re having a Halloween movie night or hosting a bash with friends, these Easy Halloween Hand Pies will be a hit. They’re simple to whip up and even easier to gobble up. So, get baking and have a spooktacularly tasty time!

Spooky Halloween Scream Raspberry Pie

Set a taste of Halloween magic with the Spooky Halloween Scream Raspberry Pie! This dessert is a tangy, phantom-like treat perfect for the spooky season.

Imagine a pie crust that’s flaky and buttery, filled with juicy raspberries that burst with flavor. Every bite is like a fruity explosion in your mouth, crafting a mouthwatering joy.

The Spooky Halloween Scream Raspberry Pie is a fantastic choice, whether you’re organizing a haunted gathering or yearning for something extraordinary. Its radiant, vibrant colors are a memorable treat for this season.

So, if you’re looking for a terrifying and tasty dessert, this raspberry pie is the way to go. Get ready to enjoy a slice of Halloween happiness that’ll make your taste buds scream with joy!

Spider Blueberry Puff Pastry Pie

The Spider Blueberry Puff Pastry Pie is a creepy crawly play on a fruity tart. Visualize woven ribbons intricately fashioned to mimic a spider’s web. That flaky, airy dough rests on top of the vibrantly packed fillings in the pie.

The sweet, tangy blueberry filling is full of natural sugary goodness blended with zesty citrus peel and warm spices.

The sweet blueberries burst in your mouth when you bite into it. It’s a tasty treat with different textures and flavors that complement each other. The Spider Blueberry Puff Pastry Pie isn’t just delicious – it is an edible art.

Halloween Puff Pastry Ghost Crisps

These cute Halloween Puff Pastry Ghost Crisps will fill you with excitement. They are a delectable goodie to infuse with your ghastly gathering this season!

Imagine light and flaky puff pastry baked until it’s nice and crispy. These ghostly pastry offers a satisfying crunch as you indulge in every bite.

Sprinkle them with powdered sugar to make them extra eerily ghost-like. These Halloween Ghost Puff Pastry Crisps are perfect for both kids and grown-ups. They’re a spooktacular addition to your Halloween get-together that everyone will love to munch on.

Puff Pastry Mummy Cheese Wheels

Unwrap a deliciously eerie treat with Puff Pastry Mummy Cheese Wheels! These adorable bites are a spooky spin on a classic favorite. Imagine flaky and golden puff pastry wrapped around flavorful cheese, creating a fun mummy-like treat.

Each bite-sized wheel combines buttery, crispy pastry and melty cheese that oozes out most satisfyingly. The mummy design adds a playful and festive touch, making these treats a must-have for any spooky-themed gathering.

As you take a bite, the layers of pastry crumble and give way to the creamy, cheesy center that will delight your taste buds.

With their supernatural appearance and mouthwatering taste, Puff Pastry Mummy Cheese Wheels is a savory addition to your snack table, promising a hauntingly good time for everyone.

Bread Stick Snakes

These snacks are like long, twisty breadsticks that look like silly snakes. Picture soft dough twisted into snake shapes, just like playing with clay. Add little seeds on top to make them crunchy and yummy.

You’ll feel the soft, golden dough crunch with every bite. It’s a savoring essence of Halloween in every crisp bite, adding a touch of enchantment to your taste buds.

These Bread Stick Snakes are ways to snack on during time this exciting season. These snake snacks will add fun to munch with friends and family. Enjoy some playful snacking with Bread Stick Snakes!


With these 13 fantastic recipes, you’ve unlocked a treasure trove of creativity and flavor to elevate your Halloween festivities. Let your imagination shit and transform every spooky occasion into an unforgettable gourmet adventure!

From cute mummy sausages to creepy hand pies and pumpkin-shaped pastries, these recipes are set to give chills and thrills. And the best part? You can experiment and make them your own by trying different fillings and shapes.

If you enjoyed these fun Halloween treats, check out these Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Brownies! They will be a scrumptious addition to your spooky desserts.

Happy Halloween!

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