5 Benefits of Using an Air Fryer

5 Benefits of Using an Air Fryer

Air fryers are all the rage these days — and for a good reason. After all, they’re the next best thing to people who love the taste, texture, and golden crunchy exterior of fried food without the fat and calories that come with deep frying in oil. Air fryers, in turn, produce healthier meals for those looking to eat healthy food, and they make for easy cooking. Just plug it in, stash your food inside the slide-out drawer, turn the heat up, and leave it alone to fry! We’ll let you know our best air frying tips shortly.

How Do Air Fryers Work?

Air fryers work by circulating hot air and heat around a food item to replicate the same crispiness found in deep-fried food, but with significantly less fat and oil.

They are usually about the size of a standard coffee maker, square-ish or egg-shaped. You put the food items inside a slide-out drawer at the bottom of the contraption, turn the knob to adjust the timer and heat (depending on the food you’re cooking), and leave it alone until it signals that it’s done. You can toss in a little bit of oil, but it’s not necessary, and any grease that your food secretes will drip off the grates in the drawer and pool under a small container under it.

What Can I Cook in an Air Fryer?

You can cook absolutely anything in an air fryer, and you might find that contraption easily replaces your oven and deep frying pan.

You can air fry the following:

● Meat and poultry

● Seafood


● Snacks 

5 Benefits of Buying an Air Fryer

Air fryers are fairly inexpensive, and if you’ve been contemplating whether or not air fryers are worth the expense, here are a few benefits that may just give you the push you need to proceed with that purchase.

1. Air Fryers can Promote Weight Loss

Deep-fried foods are generally higher in fat than other cooking methods. They contribute significantly and can lead to obesity because they tend to be high in fat and calories. Air-fried food can help cut back on unhealthy and unnecessary oils, promoting weight loss.

If you’re looking to trim your waistline down a few inches, air frying is the way to go.

2. Air Fryers are “Safer.”

Remember the last time you fried food? Remember that time you were so scared of the boiling, scalding oil because you were so sure it would splatter all over you? It’s not the safest thing in the world.

There’s no need for that fretting and hassle when cooking with an air fryer. Plus, we think that air fryers are kid and pet friendly, as in you don’t have to worry about them being nearby when you’re cooking. Of course, it’s still best to supervise when the air fryer’s plugged in as they’re still not exempt from electrical accidents.

3. Air Fryers Cut Back on Cooking Time

The heat circulating inside air fryers is more intense than in standard ovens. So you can be sure that you’ll need less time to cook your favorite meals. You also don’t have to preheat your air fryer, unlike traditional ovens, due to its rapid hot air circulation technology. You can make all of your favorite oven-cooked meals using your air fryers, with less time and less clean-up.

4. Air Fryers are Hassle-Free

Cooking with air-fryers is hassle-free. You don’t have to bother yourself with cleaning up many kitchen tools and utensils, not to mention all those heavy pots and pans that you will need with traditional cooking. All you have to do is stash food inside the slide-out drawer and leave it alone. Once the timer signals that you’re done, you can already enjoy your meal! No more messy splatterings of oils and sauces that, quite frankly, all of us can do without.

Easy, breezy, hassle-free! All you’ll have to clean, really, is the slide-out drawer, which is made from non-stick material. So you don’t have to scribble the hardened food at the bottom of your pots and pans. Cleaning the drawer will take about five to ten minutes, tops if you’re really thorough.

5. Air Fryers Don’t Heat Up Your Whole House

Unlike traditional ovens, air fryers don’t heat up the whole house. This is especially great during the hotter months when you don’t want your whole house feeling like the inside of an oven. You can rest assured that the heat doesn’t disperse and will stay inside your air fryer. And that putrid scent of fried food that permeates the whole house whenever you fry food? You can forget about that as well with air fryers.

Final Thoughts

Air fryers are definitely all the rage, and for a good reason, too. Although we agree that they are healthier than the traditional deep-fried foods which are cooked in oil, it’s still best for your health to limit eating fried food in general.

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