Best Spices For Chicken Soup

If you’re new to cooking and are looking for ways to improve your soup recipe, well, let me tell you, adding the best spices for chicken soup may be just what you need. Aside from vegetables, broths, and herbs, spices are vital to get flavor into your soups.

In this comprehensive guide, I will help you figure out which herbs and spices to use to enhance your chicken soup. I also prepared tips for making this popular comfort food, so stay tuned!

 Chicken Soups

Why Spices Make Chicken Soup Better

Whether you are making your own chicken soup recipes or are following a famous chicken noodle soup recipe, spices are a simple way to improve your chicken soup. They can take a classic recipe from good to mouth-watering; here are some of the reasons they make your chicken soup incredible:

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  • Better flavor: Spices add a variety of flavors to food, from sweet and spicy to bitter and tangy. They can transform a bland meal into a savory one and make a good meal even better.
  • Added aroma: Spices also add an aromatic quality to food, making it more appealing to the senses. Aromas can stimulate the appetite and create a sense of comfort and satisfaction.
  • Health benefits: Many spices have health benefits that go beyond just flavor and aroma. For example, turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and ginger can help with digestion. In addition, cinnamon can help regulate blood sugar, and cumin may improve cholesterol levels.
  • Versatility: Spices can be used in a variety of different dishes, from soups and stews to baked goods and desserts. They can be used in sweet and savory recipes and mixed and matched to create unique and exciting flavor combinations.
  • Cost-effective: Using spices can be a cost-effective way to add flavor to food. A small amount of spice can go a long way.

Salt and Pepper: The Basic Spices For Chicken Soup

The two most basic flavor-enhancing spices for chicken soup are salt and pepper; Salt is an essential ingredient and brings out certain elements’ natural sweetness and savory notes.

In addition, salt balances acidity, so if you are making chicken soup with tomato, the salt would harmonize with the impact of the acidic tomato.

Black pepper adds spice and a warm, earthiness to the soup. Black pepper can also help to balance out the salt.

Chicken Soups

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The Best Spices For Chicken Soup And Their Benefits

There are so many delicious spices for you to consider when making your homemade chicken noodle soup or any chicken soup recipe.

While you can always use any spice or herb you wish to add, here are some of the favorite ones I recommend trying, with a quick overview of the potential benefits you get from them:

 spices for chicken soup


Turmeric is a vibrant yellow spice known for its earthy flavor and warm aroma. It contains curcumin, which is known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

When added to chicken stock, turmeric imparts a beautiful golden color and a subtle, slightly bitter taste. Its earthiness complements the richness of the soup and provides additional health benefits, making your easy chicken soup recipe not only delicious but also nutritious.


Paprika is a powdered spice made from dried and ground bell peppers or chili peppers. It comes in various levels of heat, from mild to hot.

Paprika adds a rich, smoky flavor and a vibrant red hue to chicken soup. The spice enhances the overall taste profile by imparting a touch of sweetness and gentle heat.

Additionally, paprika is a good source of vitamins and antioxidants, contributing to the nutritional value of your soup. If you like your soup to be a little spicy, you can try adding chili powder or cayenne pepper.

Mustard seeds

Mustard seeds are small, round seeds with a pungent and slightly spicy flavor. When heated, they release a nutty aroma that adds depth to the soup.

They bring a subtle heat and a unique texture to the soup, enhancing its overall taste and providing a delightful crunch. Mustard seeds also contain essential minerals like selenium and magnesium, adding nutritional value to your chicken soup.

Cumin seeds

Cumin seeds have a warm and earthy flavor with a hint of sweetness. They are commonly used in various cuisines around the world. When toasted and added to chicken soup, cumin seeds release a robust aroma and infuse the broth with a deep and smoky taste.

Cumin seeds aid in digestion and are a good source of iron and antioxidants, making them a beneficial addition to your chicken soup both in terms of flavor and health benefits.


Coriander is an herb with seeds that are commonly used as a spice. The seeds have a warm and citrusy flavor, adding a bright and fresh dimension to chicken soup. Coriander seeds can be toasted and ground or used whole.

They provide a subtle, floral taste that complements the other spices in the soup.

Ground ginger and garlic powder

Ground ginger and garlic bring a dynamic duo of flavors to chicken soup. Ginger adds a zesty, slightly sweet taste with a hint of warmth, while garlic, be it fresh garlic, garlic powder, or garlic flavor, always makes a delicious recipe.

Together, they create a harmonious balance of flavors that enhance the overall taste of the soup. Both ginger and garlic have numerous health benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties and immune-boosting effects.

Onion powder is also an excellent addition, especially if you enjoy its taste. You can use it instead of garlic powder. You can also skip both if you like your soup light and without a more intense flavor.

Garam masala

Garam masala is a blend of ground spices commonly used in Indian cuisine. It typically includes cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, cumin, coriander, black pepper, and nutmeg.

Garam masala adds a complex and aromatic flavor to chicken soup, with hints of sweetness, warmth, and earthiness.

The blend of spices in garam masala not only enhances the taste of the delicious soup but also provides potential health benefits associated with the individual spices within the mixture.

Which Herbs Can Be Used In Chicken Soup?

Alongside adding spices to chicken soup, another way to pack in lovely layers of flavor is to pop in both fresh and dried herbs.

Dried herbs can be added early in the cooking process, such as when you add your spices.

herbs for chicken soup

Here are a few of the best herbs to add to chicken soup:


Thyme is a versatile herb that pairs exceptionally well with most soup cuisine. It has a subtle, earthy flavor with hints of lemon and mint.

When added to chicken soup, thyme imparts a pleasant and aromatic taste that enhances the overall depth of the dish.

Its slightly floral and woody notes complement the richness of the chicken broth, creating a well-balanced and comforting flavor profile.

Bay leaves

Bay leaf is commonly used in soups and stews for its unique fragrance and flavor. They have a subtly floral and herbal taste with a hint of bitterness.

When added to the simmering broth, bay leaves to infuse the soup with their distinctive aroma, adding complexity to the overall taste.


Tarragon is an herb with a distinctive anise-like flavor. Its sweet and slightly peppery taste can elevate the taste of your cooked chicken.

When using tarragon, add it towards the end to preserve its delicate flavor.

The gentle hint of licorice adds a unique and refreshing twist to the soup, making it stand out from traditional chicken soups.

If you don’t have tarragon, feel free to use dried oregano or dried basil, but remember to use just the right amount to avoid overpowering the whole pot.


Cilantro, also known as coriander leaves, adds a vibrant and citrusy flavor to dishes. While it may be a divisive herb due to its distinct taste, when used judiciously, cilantro can brighten up your homemade chicken soup with its fresh and herbaceous notes.

Its zesty undertones provide a refreshing contrast to the richness of the soup, offering a burst of flavor that complements the chicken perfectly.


Parsley is a widely used herb that brings a subtle freshness to many dishes, including chicken soup. It has a mild, slightly peppery taste with hints of citrus.

When sprinkled on top or stirred into the soup just before serving, parsley adds a pop of green color and a delicate flavor that enhances the overall presentation and taste of the dish. If you don’t have fresh parsley, feel free to use dried parsley instead.

Mixed Italian herbs

A blend of dried Italian herbs, including oregano, basil, marjoram, rosemary, and thyme, can add a delightful Mediterranean twist to your chicken soup.

This seasoning mix brings a harmonious combination of flavors, including earthiness, sweetness, and a touch of floral and pine-like notes.

The balanced and aromatic nature of these herbs imparts a rich and robust taste to the soup, transporting your taste buds to the Mediterranean region.

Spices For Chicken Soups

Best Tips For Making The Perfect Chicken Soup

Making any soup is both easy and hard. Easy if you’ve done it multiple times already, and hard when you’re still perfecting the recipe. But worry not, as I’m here to give you the perfect tips to get the best flavor you want in your ultimate comfort food.

  • Always use a large pot: A large pot will allow you to add all the ingredients without overflowing.
  • Start with quality ingredients: Begin with high-quality chicken, fresh vegetables, and flavorful herbs and spices. Using fresh ingredients will enhance the overall taste of your soup.
  • Use a combination of chicken parts: To add depth of flavor, use different chicken parts such as bone-in chicken thighs, chicken breasts, or whole chicken. The bones and skin contribute to a richer and more flavorful broth.
  • Sauté the aromatics: Before adding the broth, sauté aromatic vegetables like onions, bell pepper, carrots, and celery in a bit of oil or butter over medium heat. This step helps develop their flavors and adds a delicious base to your soup.
  • Simmer for a longer duration: Simmer soup on low heat for an extended period. This slow cooking process helps extract maximum flavor from the ingredients and allows the flavors to meld together. When applicable, you can also use a slow cooker.
  • Skim the impurities: While simmering, skim off foam or impurities on the surface. This helps to keep your soup clear and free from any unwanted residue.
  • Season appropriately: Taste your soup as it cooks and season as needed. Start with a little and adjust gradually to achieve the perfect balance of flavors. Adding chicken flavor is also a good choice.
  • Add herbs and spices towards the end: To retain the freshness and potency of herbs and spices, add them towards the end of the cooking process. This ensures their flavors are vibrant and not overcooked.
  • Customize with additional ingredients: Feel free to customize your chicken soup by adding vegetables, grains, or noodles of your choice. This adds variety and texture to the soup, making it more filling and satisfying.
  • Allow flavors to meld overnight: If possible, allow your chicken soup to cool and refrigerate it overnight for a more delicious and flavorful soup the next day.
  • Garnish with fresh herbs: Just before serving, sprinkle your chicken soup with your favorite herbs to add a pop of color and a burst of freshness to your bowl.
  • Enjoy with crusty bread or crackers: Serve your perfect chicken soup with a side of crusty bread or some crackers. The combination of the warm, comforting soup with the crunchy texture of bread adds to the overall dining experience.

Wrapping It Up

As you see, you have boundless options when it comes to adding and mixing up spices to your chicken soup. You can add a mixture or just one or two. The use of spices also allows you to direct the flavor direction of the chicken soup you’re making and the style of the soup’s end result.

Enjoy experimenting with more chicken soup recipes and coming up with your favorite blend of spices to add to your chicken soup. This practice will undoubtedly elevate your soup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is chicken soup healthy?

Chicken soup is a healthy way to get your nutrients. It contains protein, vitamins, and minerals without having the need to eat all the ingredients individually.

How do you store chicken soup?

Store your chicken soup in an airtight container and store it in the fridge. The soup should last for 3-5 days. When you’re ready to serve it, reheat the soup over medium-high heat for at least 5 minutes.

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