What Size Is A 14-Inch Pizza And How Many Slices Do You Get?

What size is a 14-inch pizza, and how many slices do you get from it?

This guide will discuss how classifications vary, how big a 14-inch pizza is, how many portions you can get from it, and how many people you can feed (taking into consideration age, gender, and pizza type).

14-Inch Pizza

What Size Is a 14-Inch Pizza?

Did you know that a “large” pizza has different measurements in different areas of the world?

Yep, just like “heavy cream” differs globally. “Large” in pizza terms can differ between countries, cities, or even pizza joints.

So, a 14-inch pizza refers to its diameter – precisely 35.56 centimeters or 36cm rounded up.

Typically labeled “large”, it might also be “extra-large” in some spots. For instance, a Domino’s large pizza is 13.5 inches in one region and 14 inches in another. While it’s all from the same brand, the region makes a difference in portion sizes.

Pizza close up

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How Many Slices Do You Get From A 14-Inch Pizza?

So, the next question I get afterward is about the number of slices you get from it. On average, it’s 8 slices, but this varies by location.

If divided into 8 slices, each covers 19.25 square inches. Prefer smaller portions? Request ten or twelve slices. With 12 slices, each becomes 12.8 square inches.

How Many Slices Do You Get From A 14-Inch Pizza

How Many People Does A 14-Inch Pizza Feed?

It really depends on how much each person eats, which, obviously, varies a ton!

If you have a birthday party for kids, you will need a lot less pizza than for an adult party.

Furthermore, the number of toppings and type of toppings can also make you fuller quicker, depending on what they are. If you have any leftover pizza, check out my article on How Long Pizza Lasts in the Fridge.

So how do we calculate this?

  • Toddlers: Typically, a toddler consumes one slice from a large pizza. Hence, estimate about a slice per child.
  • Adults: One 14-inch pizza serves 2-4 adults. Factors influencing this include:
  • Toppings: Some toppings can be more filling.
  • Gender: Men might eat more than women.
  • Age: Teenagers or young adults generally consume more than senior citizens.
How Many People Does A 14-Inch Pizza Feed

14-Inch Pizza Size Comparison

Okay, so if a 14-inch pizza is a large pizza, what are the other category sizes?

There are five main categories of pizza sizes. While the terminology is pretty universal, again, keep in mind that the exact sizes won’t be.

14-Inch Pizza not cutted

Personal Pizza

Typically 4-8 inches in diameter, serving one person. Usually cut into 4 slices.

Small Pizza

Ranges from 8-10 inches in diameter. Perfect for one person or for sharing among kids. Normally divided into 6 slices.

Medium Pizza

Around 12 inches in diameter. It can be called a large in some places and divided into 6-10 slices based on preference. Check out my guide on How Big Is A 12-Inch Pizza here.

Large Pizza

The 14-inch pizza we discussed earlier. Traditionally cut into 8-10 slices. Also, check out this article on How Many Inches Is A Large Pizza.

Extra Large Pizza

Bigger than 14 inches, starting at 16 inches. Typically segmented into 10 or more slices.

14-Inch Pizza Size Comparison


Understanding the dimensions of a 14-inch pizza is essential to making an informed decision when preparing how much to order for your gathering. Always consider who you are feeding and be mindful of factors such as toppings and differences in sizes where you are located.

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