Secrets to Pancake Perfection on the Griddle

In today’s tutorial, I’ll demonstrate how you can effortlessly create perfect pancakes using a griddle. This unusual technique works just as great (if not better) than traditional pans.

You can try this technique using any one of my pancakes recipe. I personally love these Supreme Oreo PancakesMini Christmas Pancakes, and these Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes.

Pancakes On The Griddle

Can You Make These Treats On The Griddle?

Okay, some of you may immediately think about a griddle pan. You know, the super heavy black cast-iron pan with all the grooves. However, that’s not precisely what we’re discussing here.

Today, we will make pancakes on an electric or gas griddle plate. Like the traditional frying pans, this plate has a flat cooking surface.

The most significant difference is that griddle plates are made from different materials.

4 Pancakes On The Griddle

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Think about it: traditionally, you make pancakes in a flat frying pan that is either utterly stainless steel or covered with a TEFLON / non-stick coating.

Griddle plates are commonly made from cast iron, a cast-iron blend, aluminum, carbon steel, or chrome steel. Many other materials can be used, but the list would continue forever.

The type of material used will ultimately affect how the pancakes cook and their final texture.

So, back to the question “Can you use a griddle for pancakes?” the short answer is yes. They will still come out looking more or less like they do when cooked in regular frying pans.

What Temperature To Cook Pancakes On A Griddle?

First things first: before looking at exactly how to make pancakes on a griddle, it’s important to understand how it works and more specifically, what temp to cook pancakes on a griddle. 

You get two kinds of griddles: gas and electric. The electric kind is much easier to control, and you can easily and instantly adjust the temperature you are using.

making Pancakes

A gas griddle takes longer but can heat to much higher temperatures. The downside is that you cannot quickly adjust (increase or decrease) the temperature of the griddle itself. 

So, how does this affect the temperature you should use?

Well, on electric griddles I would recommend sticking to the 350-375ºF (177-190ºC) range. This temperature range will help set the pancakes almost instantly but allow enough time to cook before burning. Your pancakes won’t run all over the griddle; they will have a fluffy texture and golden brown exterior.


If you use a manually controlled gas griddle (one where you cannot set specific temperatures) it’s best to stick to the “medium” setting. If you are scared the pancakes may burn, lower the heat to “low-medium.”

Frying Pancakes On The Griddle.

How Long To Cook Pancakes On A Griddle?

When the griddle is warm, you’re ready to pour in your pancake mixture. There isn’t a precise amount of time they will take to cook.

That’s because you don’t have control over the exact temperature. Even if you set it, there are too many environmental factors that will ultimately cause this temperature to fluctuate.

Always check the top (uncooked side) of the pancake. If a bunch of tiny bubbles start forming, you can flip it over. The flip side should display a golden brown hue. Depending on the exact temperature, this will take roughly 3-5 minutes.

Once flipped, the other side should take 2-3 minutes only.

Frying Pancakes On The Griddle close up

How To Cook Pancakes On A Griddle

To begin, it’s necessary to warm up your griddle plate. Remember, either set your electric plate to 350-375ºF (177-190ºC) or set the gas plate to low-medium or medium.

Use between 1/2 and 1 teaspoon of olive oil and coat the pan evenly. There shouldn’t be a thick layer of oil in the pan. It’s just to coat the pan so the pancakes come off more easily.

Once the pan is heated (you can test this by seeing how a small pancake cooks), you can add about 1/4 to 1/3 cup of pancake batter. 

pouring Pancakes mix on the Griddle

When you add the pancakes, do not move them! Leave them to cook until you see tiny bubbles form on the raw side (top) of the pancakes.

Pancakes On The Griddle.

Next, cautiously turn them over with the aid of a spatula.

Leave the other side to cook until it also gets a beautiful golden brown color.

close up pancakes before flipping

Once cooked, remove the pancakes from the griddle and set them aside.

Common Problems And Solutions

People run into some common issues when making pancakes on a griddle pan.


This could occur for a variety of reasons. First, make sure you lubricate the pan with either oil or butter.

Secondly, your pancakes may stick because the pan is too hot. Remember, you want to use medium heat. if your pan (and oil) starts smoking, it’s WAY too hot.

If the pancakes continue to stick, it may be because the griddle pan isn’t properly seasoned. Check out this guide on how to do so.

Pancakes Cook Unevenly

From my experience, there are only two reasons this happens on a griddle.

The first one is that your pan is overloaded with pancakes. Overloading could result in uneven temperature distribution across the pan. This means the pancakes in those sections will take longer to cook than the ones in the hotter sections.

The second reason for uneven cooking is that you flipped them too much. Pancakes should only be flipped once. The more you flip, the more the temperature fluctuates.

Burned Pancakes

This one is easy, but still a common issue, especially on gas griddles that take longer to heat and cool. 

Your temperature is way too hot if your pancakes are burning. Turn it down and wait for the griddle to cool down before adding the batter.

burnt Pancakes On The Griddle.

Undercooked Pancakes

This also happens if your griddle is too hot. The outside cooks before the inside has set completely. 

Again, the solution is as simple as lowering the temperature.


In conclusion, making pancakes on a griddle can offer a new and exciting twist to your usual pancake-making process.

While there can be some initial challenges, remember that practice makes perfect. Whether you’re using a gas or electric griddle, this guide will serve as a reliable reference to help you navigate potential issues and yield delicious results every time.

Enjoy your pancake cooking journey on the griddle, and may your pancakes always turn out golden, fluffy, and delicious!

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