Top 34 Best Ecuadorian Desserts: Quick & Easy Guide

Ecuador has a vibrant culture, and its delicious desserts are no exception! From traditional family recipes to contemporary twists on classic dishes, these desserts offer something for every taste.

Today, we’ll explore the top 34 best Ecuadorian desserts. Whether looking for something light and refreshing or indulgent and decadent, an Ecuadorian dessert will satisfy your cravings!

Ecuadorian Desserts

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1.Pan De Yuca

This traditional dish is a favorite of many locals and visitors alike. The texture of Pan de Yuca is unique; it has a slightly crunchy exterior with an airy center that melts in your mouth.

The flavor varies depending on the ingredients used in the recipe. Some variations are savory while others are sweet – so there’s something for every palate! The versatility of this treat makes it perfect as a snack or dessert – whatever your preference!

2. Ecuadorian Mazamorra

Mazamorra is a traditional Ecuadorian dessert that is sure to please any palate. It’s a creamy, pudding-like treat made from cornstarch and fruit juice, commonly served with various toppings.

The most popular variation is mazamorra con Miel, which combines pudding with honey for a sweet and delicious dessert.

If you’re looking for something even more indulgent, try the Mazamorra con Chocolate – this version incorporates cocoa powder and chocolate chips into the pudding for a rich and creamy flavor.

Finally, there is the classic Mazamorra con Dulce de Leche – this version blends caramelized condensed milk with the pudding for an unforgettable flavor experience.

You will surely be delighted by Mazamorra’s unique flavors and textures, no matter which type you choose to try. Enjoy!

3. Arroz Con Leche

Arroz con leche is a traditional Ecuadorian dessert that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

This delicious dish consists of milk, short-grain rice, and cinnamon simmered together until creamy and thickened.

You can add additional ingredients like arroz con miel, leche condensada, almendras tostadas, coco rayado, and pasas secas to give it an extra special touch.

This dessert’s combination of flavors is mouthwatering and will make you want more!

4. Tres Leches Cake

Tres Leches Cake is a Latin American classic. This delightful cake is a must-try for anyone who loves traditional Latin desserts!

Combine evaporated milk, whole milk, and condensed milk over a light sponge cake to make it. The result is an incredibly moist and delicious dessert that will please any crowd.

And just like Arroz con Leche, there are endless variations of Tres Leches Cake that you can explore! Tres Leches Cake is the perfect way to cool off after a hot day and experience the flavors of Ecuadorian cuisine!

5. Humitas

Humitas are one of Ecuador’s most delightful and traditional desserts.

From sweet humitas con leche and humitas con miel to salty humitas rellenas and humitas saladas with maní, you’ll find something to satisfy any craving.

Enjoy a humita and savor the flavor of the freshly ground corn as it melts in your mouth and brings about an overwhelming sense of contentment.

Whether you have them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Humitas will make all your meals feel special.

6. Espumillas

Espumillas is an Ecuadorian dessert that is simply irresistible. This sweet little treat has a delightful topping of meringue and grated coconut and a light and fluffy texture that will tingle your taste buds.

When it comes to preparing espumillas, the process is simple yet rewarding. You’ll need some egg whites, sugar, vanilla extract, and grated coconut for the topping.

Once you’ve mixed all the ingredients, spoon the mixture onto parchment paper and roast until they reach a golden hue.

Serve with a cream or ice cream dollop for an extra special treat!

7. Higos Con Queso

Higos con queso holds a cherished spot in the pantheon of Ecuadorian desserts. This exquisite blend of sweet and savory marries luscious figs with velvety cheese, creating an irresistible fusion of flavors.

The simplicity of its preparation lends it versatility, making it a perfect fit for any occasion.

It effortlessly fits the bill, be it a simple mid-afternoon snack to satisfy a sweet craving or a sophisticated dessert to conclude a meal gracefully. Its appeal lies in its simplicity, the natural pairing of figs and cheese, creating a remarkable taste sensation.

8. Dulce De Zapallo

The Dulce de zapallo is a classic dessert using zapallos, also known as squash, in various preparations.

From zapallo asado to zapallo relleno, zapallo frito to zapallo almendrado, and even zapallo caramelizado, this delicious treat has something for every palate.

Each preparation is unique and special in its way. Zapallo asado is a simple roasted squash dish served hot or cold.

Zapallo relleno brings together the sweetness of the squash with various fillings like rice and vegetables. Meanwhile, zapallo frito takes a deep-fried approach to this savory snack.

No matter which preparation you choose, Dulce de zapallo promises to be an unforgettable experience!

9. Helado De Paila

Helado de paila, or paila ice cream, is a dessert that celebrates Ecuador’s traditional culture and local ingredients.

This treat has been around for centuries and is prepared using a large copper bowl called a paila. It’s a great way to experience Ecuadorian flavors while trying something new – the perfect blend of modern recipes and classic favorites!

Paila preparation involves adding your favorite Ecuadorian flavors like guava, mango, and lemon, then stirring the ingredients together until they reach the desired consistency. While making helado de paila, you can add whatever ingredients you like to make it your unique creation.

The result is a refreshingly cool dessert that will delight any palate while honoring the country’s traditional culture.

10. Arroz Con Leche

Arroz con leche is a classic Ecuadorean dessert with rice, milk, and sugar. It’s simple yet incredibly delicious!

This recipe is served warm or cold, depending on the person’s preference. Another popular variation of arroz con leche is Arroz con coco, which combines coconut with rice and milk to create an even more flavorful treat.

Another version, arroz con pasas, includes raisins in the mixture. Yet another variation is arroz con vanilla, where the extract is added for an extra special flavor. Arroz con canela has cinnamon added for a spicy-sweet taste, while Arroz con frutas uses fresh fruits like apples or bananas to make the flavor bold and unique.

No matter which variation you choose, you can be sure that this classic Ecuadorean dessert will tantalize your taste buds! With its creamy texture and variety of flavors, it’s one of a kind – not to mention extremely mouthwatering.

So don’t miss out on this amazing experience – try some arroz con leche today!

11. Bocadillos

Next on our tour of Ecuador’s delicious desserts is the ever-popular bocadillo.

A classic treat found in Ecuadorian homes, bocadillos are a sweet and savory snack that can be enjoyed both hot and cold.

These treats offer something for everyone, from traditional bocadillo con queso to creative dulce de bocadillo and galletas de bocadillo.

Whether it’s lunchtime or late-night snacking, there’s nothing quite like biting into a warm and crispy bocadillos calientes or indulging in crunchy bocadillos Fritos.

They’re easy to make yet full of flavor, making them the perfect snack for any occasion.

12. Flan De Coco

Flan de Coco is a creamy, sweet dessert that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more. It starts with a creamy coconut custard from egg yolks and condensed milk, topped with a light sugar caramel glaze.

There are so many variations of this delightful dessert you can try. Coconut Creamsicles, Coconut Fritters, Coconut Shortbread, Coconut Mousse, and even Coconut Popsicles!

Whether eaten as an after-dinner treat or savored as an afternoon snack, these delicious desserts will make any day special!

13. Dulce De Leche (Cheesecake)

Dulce de leche is a dessert that will delight your taste buds. With a sweet and creamy flavor, it’s no wonder why this treat has been popular in the country for centuries.

The traditional recipe can be incorporated into various desserts, such as this Dulce de Leche Cheesecake. It’s made with condensed milk and sugar and can be served with various accompaniments like fresh fruit or dulce de membrillo.

For those looking to try something unique, dulce de huevo, dulce de zapallo, dulce de batata, and dulce de ciruela are all delicious options.

Each of these desserts offers its unique flavor profile, from the bright sweetness of the huevo to the earthy richness of the zapallo. They’re sure to tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more!

With so many decadent flavors available, it’s easy to see why Ecuadorians have been creating delicious desserts for generations.

14. Pristinos

These mouthwatering desserts are sure to bring a feeling of freedom to any palate. For those seeking something more traditional, try the classic guava tarts or ice cream sandwich – both are sure to please!

Lastly, why not indulge in a fig custard for those looking for something truly unique? Rich in flavor and texture, this dish will delight even the most discerning foodies.

With such delectable desserts available in Ecuador, it’s no wonder that travelers worldwide flock here to sample the local fare.

So go ahead – treat yourself and explore all Ecuador offers!

15. Rosquillas

Next on our Ecuadorian dessert tour is rosquillas! These delightful treats are a staple in many households and for good reason.

From rosquillas con miel to arroz con rosquillas, these delectable treats satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.

For those looking for a decadent treat, the manjar blanco is an Ecuadorian classic. This creamy custard-like pudding is often served with queso con rosquillas – a combination that can’t be beaten!

Another popular choice is pan de rosquillas, a fried dough topped with sugar or honey. It’s perfect as an afternoon snack or late-night indulgence.

Whichever way you choose to enjoy it, one thing’s for sure – you won’t be disappointed!

16. Guaguas De Pan

Guaguas de pan, Ecuador’s delightful bread dolls, is a must-try. Crafted from sweet potato dough, they come in multiple flavors like Aguardiente, Chicha, Colada Morada, and plantain.

Particularly tasty are the Guava guaguas, filled with rich guava paste. These desserts, enjoyed for generations on special occasions or casual gatherings, add a unique touch to any meal.

Try these little treats to taste a bit of Ecuadorian culture – guaguas de pan promise a delicious bite of freedom.

17. Bien Me Sabe

Bien me sabe is a delightful dessert hailing from Venezuela and is honored among Ecuadorian desserts. This exquisite delicacy is a luscious coconut cake comprising velvety cream and airy meringue layers.

Its name, which means “tastes good to me,” describes the cake’s delectable flavor and provides a valuable lesson in Spanish reflexive verbs for those studying the language.

Like the beloved tres leches cake, Bien me sabe is meant to be savored cold, boasting an incredibly moist, sweet, and indulgent texture. For convenience, you can opt for a cake mix to expedite the preparation process, or if you prefer, rely on your preferred recipe for a white cake or sponge cake.

To fully appreciate the flavors and consistency, allowing the Bien me sabe cake to chill overnight is recommended, so it is advisable to plan accordingly.

18. Morocho

Ah, Morocho! A classic Ecuadorian favorite that always leaves you wanting more.

From the making techniques to the inspired recipes, there is something for everyone regarding this delicious morsel.

Morocho-filled desserts, flavored drinks, and even snacks are all available.

No matter how you decide to indulge in Morocho, one thing is certain – it will be an experience you won’t soon forget.

19. Alfajores

Whether you’re looking for traditional Alfajores filled with dulce de leche, vegan alfajores with coconut, or chocolate-covered delights, there’s something to satisfy every sweet tooth.

Each type of alfajor is unique, combining the perfect blend of flavor and texture.

The most popular varieties are made with cornmeal or wheat flour and filled with either dulce de leche or jam.

Try alfajores wrapped in chocolate or made with coconut flakes for an extra special treat.

No matter what type you choose, you’re sure to enjoy this classic Ecuadorian dessert.

20. Quimbolitos

From candied yams to plantain dumplings, corn custard to guayaba cheesecake, and sweet tamales, 30 unique sweets comprise this culture’s delightful culinary history.

Quimbolitos is one of the most popular desserts in Ecuador. They are made with a sweet filling of sugar, raisins, and spices wrapped in corn husks and steamed. The result is an incredibly indulgent treat with a soft texture and flavor.

Quimbolitos can be served plain or topped with sweet syrups or sauces like honey or cajeta (caramel). For an extra special touch, they can even be filled with fruits like pineapple or mango for a burst of juicy sweetness.

So if you’re looking for something special to indulge your taste buds, quimbolitos will surely hit the spot!

21. Choclo Con Queso

Choclo con queso is a unique combination of sweet and savory that will be sure to tantalize your taste buds.

This dessert is made with dulce de choclo, which is a sweet corn pudding, along with cheese and other flavors like pan de yuca, pan de elote, mazamorra de maíz, and budín de plátano. The different components combine to create an unforgettable flavor experience you won’t soon forget.

Combining these ingredients provides an incredibly flavorful dish that will water your mouth. The sweetness of the corn pudding contrasts perfectly with the salty cheese, while the other components add depth and complexity to the overall flavor profile.

This dish will satisfy any craving for something sweet and savory. It’s easy to see why this traditional Ecuadorian treat has been enjoyed for centuries!

To truly appreciate its deliciousness, try making it yourself home – you won’t regret it!

22. Torta De Choclo

The Torta de Choclo is made with fresh corn and blended with cooked pumpkin, raisins, and spices to create a unique flavor combination.

Every Ecuador region has special recipes for this classic dish, so you can expect to find vegan options and traditional versions.

Whether you’re looking for something sweet or savory, Torta de choclo has something for everyone. From its texture to flavor combinations, it will surely be an unforgettable experience!

23. Empanadas De Viento

Empanadas de viento are a delightful Ecuadorian treat that will tantalize your taste buds. These handmade pastries are filled with delicious ingredients and come in many shapes, variations, and fillings.

The origins of these mouthwatering morsels can be traced back to Spain and Portugal, where similar versions were made on special occasions.

In Ecuador, they are often enjoyed as snacks or desserts at family gatherings and festivals. Empanadas de viento also come in various shapes, such as circles, ovals, and triangles.

24. Cocadas

Cocadas are an exquisite Ecuadorian dessert that will tantalize your taste buds! These delightful treats are made from coconut and have a variety of delicious variations.

Cocadas with milk, honey, cinnamon, chocolate, and butter can all be enjoyed for a truly unique experience. For those looking for something special and sweet, cocadas are an excellent choice.

Combining ingredients creates a delightful flavor that will leave you wanting more. The smooth texture of the coconut mixed with creamy milk or honey is heavenly. Adding subtle hints of cinnamon and chocolate make these treats even more delectable. Topping it off with butter adds a layer of richness and indulgence to each bite.

25. Capirotada

Cocadas may be the most popular dessert in Ecuador, but capirotada is a close second.

This sweet treat is made with a variety of delicious ingredients like budín de capirotada, dulce de capirotada, tres leches capirotada, flan de capirotada, and arroz con capirotada.

The flavors of each component of the dish are carefully balanced to create a symphony of sweetness that will tantalize your taste buds.

Whether served warm or cold, this treat will satisfy any craving for something sweet!

26. Leche Asada

For centuries, people have been enjoying leche asada, a traditional Ecuadorian dessert. Although the recipes may vary slightly by region, the basic preparation remains the same.

This classic creamy and sweet treat is crafted using simple ingredients like milk, sugar, and eggs, complemented by a hint of lemon zest for an extra zing. Indulge in the timeless flavors and savor the rich heritage of this beloved dessert.

This delicious dessert is surprisingly versatile, offering regional variations that please any palate. There is something for everyone, from classic versions to those with added flavors such as cinnamon or nutmeg.

Whether satisfying your sweet tooth or searching for a nutritious snack, this delectable dessert covers you! Indulge in its irresistible flavors and enjoy the perfect balance of taste and nourishment.

27. Suspiros

Having sampled the deliciousness of Leche Asada, it’s time to move on to a classic Ecuadorian dessert: Suspiros.

The texture of Suspiros can vary depending on the recipe used – some feature crunchy textures while others are more soft and spongy. Either way, these desserts will satisfy your cravings and satisfy you.

The subtle sweetness of the sponge cake pairs beautifully with the natural tartness of the passion fruit. In contrast, cornmeal and plantain cakes provide just enough texture for a rich experience. And don’t forget about the guava jelly – it adds a unique flavor that sets this treatment apart from other desserts!

28. Humitas Dulces

After a delightful journey through Chicha de Jora, it’s time to explore more of Ecuador’s sweet treats.

Humitas dulces, a traditional dish from the Andes region that you won’t want to miss. Create a delightful experience with these sweet tamales from corn masa, featuring delectable fillings like raisins, nuts, honey, or cheese. Wrap the dough in corn husks and steam until perfectly cooked, resulting in a mouthwatering treat that will leave you wanting more.

Enjoy this treat with a hot coffee or tea for a special meal!

29. Leche Condensada Casera

Leche Condensada Casera is also a must-try. This creamy and sweet treat is popular among locals and visitors. This delicate dessert is made from condensed milk and is the perfect way to end a meal or enjoy it as a snack.

To make it even more special, there are various recipes for adding different flavors and ingredients like flan de leche, flan de huevo, bizcocho de leche, leche frita, and leche merengada.

Like most desserts in Ecuador, Leche Condensada Casera offers an explosion of flavor and texture that will tantalize your taste buds. Its creamy texture melts in your mouth while the sweetness brings out the best of its flavors.

It’s also easy to make at home using simple ingredients like condensed milk and sugar. This allows you to customize your version of this delightful treat that all can enjoy!

30. Ecuadorian Pinol

Pinol is a traditional Ecuadorian dessert that you have to try! Whether pinole ice cream, cookies, tart, cake, or pudding – this delicious treat will delight your taste buds and tantalize your palate.

Create a variety of scrumptious desserts by mixing ground maize with water and sugar, then cooking it over low heat until thickened. Its unique flavor is a sweet yet subtle blend of cinnamon and nutmeg that will leave an unforgettable impression.

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try making pinol desserts yourself?

Ecuadorian Pinol

31. Naranjillas Con Miel

Naranjillas con miel is a unique and flavorful dessert that will leave your taste buds in awe. This traditional Ecuadorian treat consists of naranjillas (a small orange-like fruit) boiled in sweet syrup with honey, cinnamon, and raisins.

Combining the zesty naranjillas and the warm sweetness of honey creates a delightful experience you won’t soon forget.

Whether you’re looking for something to enjoy after a meal or need a little pick-me-up, Naranjillas con miel is sure to fit the bill. It pairs perfectly with other Ecuadorian treats such as tamalito de arroz con queso, bizcocho de plátano, mazamorra de maíz amarillo, or tres leches de coco.

This dessert will satisfy any sweet tooth with its captivating flavor profile and satisfying texture!

32. Turrón De Maní Dessert

The next delectable dish to sample is Turrón de maní.

Made from maní con panela and maní Tostado, this crispy treat combines the two ingredients with molido maní, sugar, and butter. The result is a unique crunchy texture that will leave you wanting more.

This Ecuadorian dessert can also be found in many variations across Ecuador. From pastel de maní, which adds a layer of creamy goodness atop the crisp base, or even salted versions such as maní Salado, each variation offers its unique flavor profile guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds.

Add Turrón de maní to your list of Ecuadorian treats if you’re searching for a sweet snack or a savory delight. Discover the irresistible flavors and indulge in this must-try delicacy.

Turrón De Maní

33. Ecuadorian Chifle Con Miel

Chifle con miel, or chifles with honey, is a dessert that combines sweet and savory flavors.

Take crispy fried plantain chips known as chifles and generously top them with miel, a traditional syrup crafted from sugar cane juice and spices. Throughout generations, Ecuadorians have used miel to infuse desserts with sweetness and flavor. Enjoy the perfect combination of crunchy chifles and a delectable meal, a true culinary delight.

The variations of chifle con miel are endless, as different regions of the country have unique recipes. Each region puts its spin on this classic dish from the coast to the highlands by incorporating local ingredients like coconut milk or fresh fruits.

No matter how you prepare it, chifle con miel will tantalize your taste buds with its regional flavors and traditional recipes.

34. Ensalada De Frutas Ecuatoriana

Ensalada de frutas ecuatoriana is a delightful mix of fresh fruit with a sweet dressing. The dish includes apples, oranges, bananas, and pineapple topped with a Dulce de Leche sauce. You can add Helado de Maracuya or Mazamorra de Naranja for added flavor and texture.

Ensalada de frutas ecuatoriana is the perfect dessert for any occasion – from a casual gathering to an elegant dinner party.

The sweetness of the fruits and the creamy Dulce de Leche sauce make this dish irresistible. It is sure to be a hit at your next gathering!

Delight your guests and transport them to Ecuador with the incredible flavors and textures of Ensalada de frutas ecuatoriana.


So, there you have it! These Ecuadorian Desserts are worth a try if you’re lucky to find yourself in Ecuador!

From Mazamorra, Pan de Yuca, Arroz con Leche, Tres Leches Cake, and Humitas to Guaguas de pan, Bien me sabe, and Canelazo, every single dessert was truly special.

Every sample boasts an exquisite taste, leaving no wonder why locals and visitors belove these treats. Experience the culinary delights that capture the hearts of all who indulge in them.

So next time you’re in this beautiful country, don’t forget to sample some of its culinary delights!

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