Best Korean Desserts: Discover the Top 12 Most Irresistible Treats

Korean cuisine offers many mouthwatering desserts that satisfy any sweet tooth. From traditional favorites to modern creations, these 12 Korean dessert recipes will surely delight your taste buds.

Korean Dessert Recipes

If you’re looking for some more desserts, try the perfect combination of crispy and creamy textures with these Fried Ice Cream and Mini Cheesecake Recipes.

But for now, let’s explore these Korean dessert recipes, sharing tips and tricks. Get ready to experience the magic of Korean sweets and discover a new world of flavors!

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

The Korean Ice Cream Sandwich Cake is a yummy dessert loved by many. It combines ice cream and cake in a tasty way.

Soft sponge cake layers are mixed with creamy ice cream scoops. The textures and flavors blend nicely. A sweet frosting is added on top and decorated with sprinkles or chocolate.

Discover the exquisite flavors of the Deep-Fried Oreo Ice Cream by adding it to your culinary repertoire and indulging in a delightful cooking adventure.

Korean Rice Wine Ice Cream

Korean Rice Wine Ice Cream is a unique frozen dessert that mixes traditional Korean flavors.

The ice cream has a slightly sweet and tangy flavor with hints of rice and a subtle alcoholic taste.

It’s refreshing and perfect for hot days. The smooth texture and flavor make Korean Rice Wine Ice Cream an exciting choice for anyone who wants to try Korean culinary traditions in a fun and delicious way.

Fruits Shaved Ice Milk

Korean Fruits Shaved Ice Milk is a delicious dessert that has the unique flavors of Korean cuisine.

To create this delectable Korean dessert recipe, start by shaving ice into a fluffy mound and layering it with an array of fresh and exotic fruits such as Korean melons, persimmons, and dragon fruit. The final touch involves drizzling the ice with sweet condensed milk, imparting a creamy and luscious element to the dish.

What makes it special is how the fruits are arranged, making it look beautiful. This tasty and appealing dessert makes it a must-try treat for anyone who enjoys sweets and delights.

Korean Twisted Donuts (Kkwabaegi)

Korean twisted donuts, known as Kkwabaegi, are a popular street food in Korea. These fluffy and flavorful pastries have a unique twisted shape and a slightly sweet, cinnamon-infused dough.

Deep-fried to perfection, they have a crispy exterior and a soft, fluffy interior. Dust them with powdered sugar or add fillings like chocolate or red bean paste for an extra treat.

Whether enjoyed warm as a breakfast or afternoon snack, Kkwabaegi is a delightful twist on a classic donut that will leave you craving for more.

Hotteok Korean Sweet Pancakes

These pancakes are a popular street food that will make you want more.

They are made with a dough that has yeast in it. You’ll find a delicious mix of brown sugar, cinnamon, and chopped nuts inside. A sweet smell fills the air when they cook on the hot grill.

The outside becomes crispy while the inside stays soft and gooey. You’ll feel warmth and taste the sweetness when you take a bite. Hotteok is a special treat that brings happiness with every mouthful.

Korean Sweet Rice Dessert (Yaksik)

Korean sweet rice dessert, called “tteok” or “tteokbokki,” is a yummy treat in Korean cooking. It’s made from sticky rice flour and has different shapes and flavors.

These desserts are chewy and soft, giving a cozy and sweet feeling. They can be plain or have yummy fillings like red bean paste, sesame, or nuts. You have the option of frying, steaming, or boiling them.

Korean Shaved Ice Dessert

Korean Shaved Ice, or Patbingsu, is a beloved frozen dessert. Using finely shaved ice as its foundation, it presents a light and airy consistency reminiscent of freshly fallen snow.

Moreover, toppings like sweet red bean paste, fresh fruits, and sweetened condensed milk elevate the flavor profile. Over time, Patbingsu has evolved to include various versions like mango, strawberry, and green tea.

Its visually appealing presentation and versatility have also contributed to its popularity worldwide.

Whether in Korea or beyond, this treatment provides a refreshing escape from the summer heat. So, take the chance to savor the lovely flavors of Korean Shaved Ice.

Korean Honey Pastry (Yakgwa or Yakwa)

Korean honey pastry, also called Yakgwa or Yakwa, is a delicious traditional dessert in Korea. It uses basic ingredients like wheat flour, honey, and sesame oil.

They shape the dough into pretty flower or leaf designs and then fry it until golden. After frying, they soak the pastries in a sweet honey syrup, which adds a lovely flavor.

The result is a pastry with a crispy outside and a soft, melt-in-your-mouth inside. Korean honey pastry is a delightful treat that represents the wonderful food traditions of Korea.

Dasik is a traditional cookie from Korea. Pressing a mixture of powdered grains, sweeteners, and sometimes nuts or seeds makes it.

People use special wooden molds to shape the dough, creating beautiful patterns. Dasik cookies are popular during important events like weddings and ceremonies. They have a unique texture that’s both sweet and crumbly.

They are loved for their taste and how they represent Korean culture. Dasik cookies are a special treat that brings joy and tradition to people’s lives.

Red Bean Puff Pastries

Korean Red Bean Puff Pastries, known as “Bungeoppang” in Korea, is a beloved street food delicacy. To make these tasty treats, fill a fish-shaped mold with sweet red bean paste and bake them until they turn crispy and golden.

The red bean filling, created by simmering adzuki beans with sugar, offers a warm, gooey, and slightly sweet center. Encased within a crunchy shell resembling a fish, Bungeoppang provides a delightful contrast of textures.

Perfect for chilly winter months, people eagerly seek out these delightful pastries. The whimsical fish shape adds an element of fun to the experience, making Bungeoppang a popular snack.

Healthy Korean Cinnamon Ginger Punch

Healthy Korean Cinnamon Ginger Punch, also called “Sujeonggwa,” is a tasty drink for you. It has simple ingredients like cinnamon sticks, ginger, dried persimmons, and brown sugar.

This drink can help digestion and warm you inside because of the cinnamon and ginger. The dried persimmons add natural sweetness without using too much sugar.

You can enjoy it hot or cold, and people often like to drink it on special occasions. Korean Cinnamon Ginger Punch tastes great and can make you feel better, so it’s a nice way to take care of yourself.

Homemade Sticky Rice Cakes

Homemade Korean sticky rice cakes, called “tteok,” are a tasty treat that combines tradition and flavor. They’re made from sticky rice flour and have a chewy texture.

To make Dasik cookies, you soak the rice overnight, grind it into a smooth paste, and shape it into small rounds or long cylinders. After that, you steam them until they become stretchy.

Soaking, grinding, shaping, and steaming the rice make Dasik cookies, resulting in their unique texture and appearance. You can find them in different shapes and flavors. Some are filled with sweet red bean paste, while others have savory fillings.

They may also be coated in powdered soybean. These delightful treats offer a delicious mix of textures and flavors, making you want more of this beloved Korean snack.

Hotteok Korean Sweet Pancakes

Hotteok, a popular Korean dessert recipe, is a delightful treat consisting of sweet pancakes with various ingredients.

The dough, which consists of a mixture of flour, water, milk, sugar, and yeast, is soft and chewy.

Meanwhile, the filling, which includes brown sugar, cinnamon, nuts, and other options like honey, red bean paste, or cheese, adds a burst of flavor.

Cooked in oil until it achieves a beautiful golden-brown and crispy exterior, hotteok contrasts the crispy shell and the gooey, molten filling.

Best enjoyed hot, this versatile snack captures the essence of Korean street food culture and is a must-try for locals and tourists.


Korean desserts offer a delightful fusion of flavors, textures, and cultural heritage. From the crispy and creamy delights of Fried Ice Cream and Mini Cheesecakes to the comforting chewiness of Hotteok Korean Sweet Pancakes and Sticky Rice Cakes, each treat brings a unique and delicious experience.

Whether you’re craving something refreshing like Korean Shaved Ice or indulging in the timeless appeal of Red Bean Puff Pastries, Korean desserts have something to satisfy every sweet tooth. Embark on a culinary adventure and discover the magic of Korean desserts.

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