200 Grams To Cups [+ CALCULATOR]

Measuring out 200 grams to cups is not what you think.

The quick answer is it depends. You will have a different result depending on the ingredient you are measuring.

For all-purpose flour, 200 grams equals about 1.6 cups. Granulated sugar is about 1 cup; for butter, you’re looking at roughly 7/8 cup.

200 Grams To Cups

Why it matters

Whether you want to get the details about measuring ingredients or you’re just looking for the quick answer to “convert 200 grams to cups”, you’ve come to the right place!

It’s definitely not a good idea to guess the answer to converting from grams to cups; you need a guideline to help you out.

Baking requires pretty close to perfect measuring as it is science as much as it is art. Try this simple converter if you’re looking for quick measurement calculations.

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Essentially, when doing this conversion, you are changing the way you measure from weight to volume. Or the other way around. This is because cups are units of volume, and grams measure weight in the metric system.

Conversion Chart For Different Types Of Flour

Note that all the measurements below are for a level cup. This means that the cup has been filled and leveled off at the top with a knife or the back of a spoon.

When you measure in cups, it’s essential to ensure the ingredient you’re measuring is lump-free. Then, the cup should be filled and then leveled off.

You can imagine that measuring heaped cups or spoons will not make for an accurate and consistent technique. Check out my articles on How Many Cups In A Liter, How Many Cups In A Pound Of Pasta, and How Many Ounces Are In A Quart.

200 Grams To Cups Conversion Chart 1

200 Grams To Cups For Flour

Here is a comprehensive chart to print out and keep close at hand for all those conversion moments.

Type of flourIn cups versus 200g
All-purpose flour1.6 cups
00 flour1.57 cups
Semolina flour1.2 cups
Whole-wheat flour1.54 cups
Bread flour1.57 cups
Almond flour2.08 cups
Cake flour2 cups
Chestnut flour2.22 cups
Coconut flour1.79 cups
Gluten-free flour, general1.65 cups
Cornflour1.31 cups
Rye flour1.96 cups
Self-raising flour1.6 cups
Tapioca flour1.64 cups
Buckwheat flour1.67 cups
How To Measure Flour In a Cup

200 Grams To Cups For Sugar

As with flour, not all sugars are equal. They vary in weight depending on how finely they are processed.

The simple answer if you’re working with regular granulated sugar is 200g is equal to 1 cup. Here is a little more detail about the other sugars:

Type of sugarIn cups versus 200g
Brown sugar1 cup
Granulated sugar1 cup
Castor sugar0.88 cups
Icing sugar1.6 cups
How To Measure Sugar In a Cup

200 Grams To Cups For Butter

Here is a table to help you with converting butter or margarine from grams to cups. Check out How Many Tablespoons Are In One Cup Of Butter for a more detailed article.

US Measuring CupsGrams
1 cup225 g
7/8 cup200 g
¾ cup170 g
2/3 cup150 g
5/8th cup140 g
½ cup115 g
3/8th cup85 g
1/3 cup75 g
¼ cup55 g
1/8 cup30 g
How To Measure Sugar In a Cup (2)

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Wrapping It Up

These tips and tricks will assist you with your process of converting 200 grams to cups, no matter the ingredient at hand.

The most important thing to remember is to ensure that what is going into the cup is loose and fill the cup accurately.

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