The Perfect Guide to Slicing Kiwi with Precision

Not sure how to cut Kiwi? Learn these easy simple steps and start enjoying those fuzzy brown globe fruits with green goodness and edible black seeds on the inside. You’ll just love the many ways you can enjoy them!

They may look a little bit weird on the outside, but once you peel through it, you’ll be in awe with that beautiful bright green flesh with specks of edible black seeds.

In today’s post, we’ll “uncover” this popular New Zealand fruit that you usually see in the produce section or at the farmer’s markets.

Let’s dive right in!


 Did you know that kiwifruit is also called Chinese gooseberry? Native to mainland China and Taiwan, kiwis are also grown commercially in New Zealand and California.

It has a slight acid flavor. However, ripe kiwis are somehow sweet with a hint of tartness. And if you’re curious, yes, kiwis are firm when unripe and tend to soften as they are ripe. 



Kiwi is a popular add-on to salads and smoothies. Well, with its impressive list of benefits, I won’t be surprised if kiwis are highly consumed around the world.

It is high in Vitamin C, antioxidants, and dietary fiber. And if you’re watching those numbers on the scale, you’d be happy to know that Kiwi also has a low-calorie count, which makes it ideal for snacking, as a side, or a dessert itself. Amazing, right?


Yes, you can! Although its skin may not be that attractive to you, it’s edible. Just make sure to clean it off very carefully to get rid of any dirt or bacteria on the skin surface.

You can use a firm bristled brush or a rough sponge to scrub it under cold running water. 


Want to enjoy right away these juicy sweet, and tart green goodness? Well, there’s a special trick for the kiwis to ripen quickly.

Simply place the kiwis just next to fruits like apples and bananas. Being in close contact with these fruits that produce ethylene and alkaline compound allows the Kiwi to ripen faster.

Place them in a plastic bag and keep them at room temperature for 1-2 days. Don’t put them directly to the sunlight through or at any very heated place.

You’ll know when a kiwi is ripe when it gives in a little after you gently press it.


Kiwi comes with a vibrant emerald green flesh, which can easily add to the look and taste of your recipes. If you’re planning to incorporate Kiwi into your dishes, here are some ways to cut Kiwi. Whether you plan to use it for your dessert, smoothie, or salad, check out these simple steps.


1. Wash: Wash the outer part of the fruit with running cold water. You may use a firm-bristled brush to get rid of any dirt. Pat the skin dry to ensure that dirt doesn’t get into the flesh when you’re peeling the Kiwi.

2. Slice both ends: The simplest way to peel Kiwi is to first slice off a small part on both ends. This allows you to place the fruit on a level surface while peeling.

3. Peel: You can peel the Kiwi using the three methods below.

  • Using a Knife:  Put one cut end of the kiwi onto the cutting board and with a sharp knife, remove the peel from top to bottom. Slice only the peel of the fruit while rotating. You should only see the green flesh of the fruit after this step.
  • Using a Peeler: This technique allows you to remove the skin of the kiwi uniformly. It yields a smoother surface. After cutting the ends of the fruit, you can start peeling the fruit with the peeler. A peeler with an ergonomic grip should be helpful.
  • Using a Spoon: You can also use a spoon to remove the kiwi’s skin. This technique is recommended for ripe kiwi fruits, otherwise, you must use the other options. To do this, you could slide a spoon onto the edge of one of the cut ends and push it against the sides of the peel. Move the spoon around in a circle. Press on the skin to release the flesh.


You can slice the Kiwi in different ways including quarters, rounds, cubes, or zig-zag. Simply follow the steps below:


To slice the Kiwi in quarters, you first cut it in half lengthwise. Then slice it again to create quarters.


To slice Kiwi into rounds, you place it on its side. You can then slice the fruit crosswise to create disks.

When slicing ensure that you slice the fruit about ¼  to ½ of an inch thick. This slicing method is best for decorating cakes or creating a fruit platter.


To slice Kiwi into cubes, first cut the fruit lengthwise. You then make thinner slices and chop these strips into cubes. This method is best when using Kiwi for dessert or as a garnish.


A creative way to slice Kiwi is to do so in a zigzag way. With a small paring knife, push the knife into the center of the fruit and create a zigzag pattern.

If necessary, you can poke the blade towards the center to easily make the zigzag pattern. You can use this slicing technique if you plan to eat or serve the fruit on a fruit platter.


There are tooons of ways to use kiwifruits. But most of the time, I love using them on…

  • Use it in smoothies for extra fiber
  • Add Kiwi cubes to your fruit salad
  • Grill Kiwi slices for kabobs
  • Top Kiwi slices on oatmeal or yogurt
  • Eat with a tropical fruit salad
  • Add Kiwi slices into salsa

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