Super Bowl Sunday is almost here and that means it's time to start planning out your game-day menu! Whether you're rooting for the Eagles or the Chiefs, one thing's for sure—you can't go wrong with a few tasty potato side dishes. Here are five delicious recipes that are sure to be a hit at your Super Bowl party.

Air Fryer Sweet Potato Cubes

Air-fryer sweet potato cubes are quick, easy, and extremely versatile. You can play around with the flavors, what you serve them with, and even how you serve them along with other dishes.

Crispy air-fried potato wedges are incredibly easy to make, hassle-free, and relatively quick. And, you can play around with the seasoning and customize it to your liking!

Crispy Air Fried Potato Wedges

How Long To Bake Potatoes At 375 In Foil?

This 3-way baked potato recipe will allow you a ton of flexibility. While the methods differ, they will give you perfectly baked, tender potatoes.

This easy and delicious Ensalada Rusa recipe is quick to make and packed with fresh sweet and tangy flavors.

Ensalada Rusa (Russian Potato Salad)

Roasted Potatoes On The Grill

Flavored with rosemary and paprika, these roasted potatoes are easy to make and boast a delicious dose of smoky flavor from the grill.