Latin & Caribbean

Pineapples, coconuts, and plantains are just a few of the exotic ingredients you’ll find in Caribbean and Latin cooking. Join me on a virtual trip to the sunny Caribbean and discover some of its best recipes.

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Latest Latin & Caribbean Recipes

Prep Time 0mins

Higado Encebollado

Are you looking for an easy beef liver recipe? Higado Encebollado is a simple dish that is both delicious and healthy. Higado Encebollado translates to...

Prep Time 5mins

Spongebob’s Kelp Shake

Try Spongebob Squarepants’s famous Kelp Shake with my healthy fruity smoothie recipe full of sweet pineapple and apple, plus spinach, avocado, and a pinch of...

Prep Time 10mins

Roasted Tomato Soup Recipe

Bursting with fresh basil flavor and a hint of onion, this roasted tomato soup recipe will be a hit on your dinner table no matter...

Prep Time 15mins

Crispy Chicken Salad

Today, I will show you my favorite Crispy Chicken Salad Recipe. I love fried chicken because it’s so versatile – you can bake it, fry...

Prep Time 5mins

Pollo En Salsa Verde

Essentially, Pollo en salsa Verde is chicken cooked in a green sauce or salsa verde. Salsa Verde is a green chili sauce. made from freshly...