The 15 Best Soups for Autumn – Delicious Fall Soup Recipes

When fall arrives, everyone looks forward to cozy nights and comfort foods. There is something about a hearty bowl of soup that just makes you feel good.

So make sure you have all the necessary essentials such as candles, blankets, and soft music, and let me present you the best recipes for creamy, comforting, and rich soups that the whole family can enjoy, especially during the arrival of the chilly autumn months.

1. Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

This soup is perfect for fall because it is made with roasted butternut squash, which gives it a natural sweetness. It is also spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg, giving it a warm flavor that will make you feel cozy on a cold day.

Butternut squash soup is simple to prepare and can be made in just 30 minutes. You can either use a blender or an immersion blender to puree the soup. It is also great for detoxing after the holidays. The high fiber content of the soup will help to cleanse your system and get rid of any toxins that may have built up over the past few weeks.

To roast the squash, simply cut it in half, remove the seeds, and place it on a baking sheet. Roast at 400 degrees for 30 minutes or until the squash is tender. Then, add the roasted squash to a blender with chicken broth, garlic, onion, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Puree until smooth and enjoy!

2. Mushroom soup

Mushroom soup is an earthy and flavorful soup that is perfect for fall. It is made with a variety of mushrooms, such as shiitake, oyster, cremini, and button mushrooms. These mushrooms are cooked in a chicken or beef broth and then pureed to create a smooth and creamy soup.

To make this soup, simply sauté the mushrooms in a bit of olive oil until they are browned. Then, add the garlic and onion and cook for an additional minute. Add the chicken broth, thyme, and bay leaf and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for 10 minutes. Finally, puree the soup until it is smooth and enjoy!

If you like it extra creamy, you can add some heavy cream or half and half to the soup. However, this is not necessary as the mushrooms will provide enough creaminess and flavor.

3. Sweet potato and lentil soup with coconut

This savory, healthy, and filling soup is made with common ingredients such as red lentils, potatoes, creamy coconut milk, and spices. It’s all made in one pot in less than an hour! This hearty, vegetable-packed, and somewhat spicy soup can be paired in a bowl with steamed rice to make the perfect lunch or dinner dish.

Creamy soups are becoming more common in the kitchen as the weather grows colder. The aim is to enjoy a delicious creamy broth that, in addition to being nutritious, helps to battle the autumn chill. Sweet potato and lentil soup with coconut is one of the finest options.

To make this soup, first, toast the spices and onions in a pan for about 5 minutes. The spices and onions provide flavor to the soup. Then add the sweet potatoes, a pinch of cayenne for color, and yellow curry to the pan. Add the broth and red lentils, then simmer until they are soft. After that, add coconut milk, and spinach leaves, and continue to cook for 5 minutes.

4. French shallot soup with herbs

On a chilly autumn night, nothing beats a bowl of caramelized French shallot soup with fresh thyme and a drop of white wine. It is similar to the classic French onion soup, but with an incomparable and unique flavor. This is due to the fact that caramelized shallots are excellent flavor boosters. To this recipe, you may add fresh herbs and cheese bread topping for an ideal supper for colder fall days.

A creamy broth with every sip, the French shallot soup with herbs is herbaceous, savory, deliciously tasty, and cheesy all at once. There’s a good chance you’ll want to prepare this soup every night. To make it, begin by caramelizing the shallots and onions before topping it off with fresh thyme and sage for long cooking. The vegetable stock and white wine then come together to enhance the flavor.

This is a simple soup, but it does require some preparation time.

5. Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup

As the cold season approaches, many people in Taiwan turn to Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup to warm up. This dish is popular and easy to find throughout the country, with restaurants and food stalls serving it everywhere you go.

In fact, the soup is so beloved that there is an annual festival dedicated entirely to it! Chefs from all over compete for the coveted title of best beef noodle soup chef. The origins of this dish date back to 1940 during China’s civil war. At that time, Sichuan veterans escaping the conflict settled in Taiwan.

If you’re looking for the right lunch or dinner on a cozy autumn day, make sure to try their world-famous Taiwanese noodle soup. It’s a broth made with tender cattle meat, fresh noodles, onions, coriander, and pickled Chinese mustard leaves. The end result is a salty yet fresh and spicy bowl of goodness that will definitely warm you up on a chilly day.

6. French onion soup

The classic French onion soup is prepared by sautéing thick slices of onion in butter. Flour is sometimes used to thicken it, and brandy or sherry is added to make a thicker texture. After that, everything is combined with meat or vegetable stock and cooked until thickened.

According to taste, the French soup is served in a bowl with some grated Emmental or Gruyere cheese on top. Some people, on the other hand, prefer to pour the soup over a slice of bread placed at the bottom of the dish.

Despite its name, French onion soup has an unknown history since it was eaten in several European countries during the Middle Ages. It was a typical dish among the working class that could not eat anything else at that time. However, when it was served to people who went to night parties in France in the 19th century, it became part of French cuisine.

7. Italian pesto noodle soup

This tomato soup with pesto noodles is a dream come true for any hot Italian food craving, especially during the fall.

This dish is packed with flavorful chicken sausage, simmered in pesto broth. The vegetables give it an array of colors that are sure to please the eye. It’s great for any occasion and reheats well for leftovers the next day. To prepare it, simply cook the chicken sausage in a large pot with the pesto sauce before adding the vegetables.

The rind of the Parmesan cheese, as well as the basil pesto, creates an herbaceous and salty broth that is extremely creamy. The lemon adds a much-needed touch of freshness to round out all of the flavors, while the pasta provides some substance to make it a filling dish. Quick and easy to prepare, this meal is perfect for colder seasons but also satiating enough to be enjoyed year-round.

8. Pappa al pomodoro (tomato soup)

Pappa al Pomodoro is a Tuscan dish that celebrates the end of summer and the start of autumn. Ripe tomatoes are roasted in the oven, then they’re combined with bread made from stale sourdough to create a soup. For extra nutrition and flavor, chickpeas are also added.

To add taste, use basil and garlic, as well as a few bells of bell pepper for an ideal supper when the weather begins to drop.

Pappa al Pomodoro is a dish of humble origins that became popular in the early twentieth century, thanks to a review published in the newspaper “Il Giornalino di Gian Burrasca.” The traditional dish among peasants subsequently became an Italian gastronomic classic. It may be served cold, hot, or at room temperature depending on the region.

9. Baked potato soup

Baked Potato Soup consists of mashed potatoes, chicken broth, and cheddar cheese among other ingredients. You can also top it with whatever you like – some common toppings are green onions, sour cream, bacon bits, and more cheddar cheese.

Even though it tastes like baked potatoes, this soup is actually made with mashed potatoes instead to make the cooking process easier and faster while still giving it a creamy texture. Baked potato soup’s versatility is one of its greatest features, since it may be prepared with a variety of other foodstuffs.

You can use roasted chicken, cooked sausages, or leftover ham as substitutes for bacon in proteins. If you want, you could also add finely chopped vegetables like red peppers and even corn to the mix. Cheddar cheese is usually the go-to ingredient, but any strongly flavored cheese will do such as Parmesan.

10. Roasted carrot soup with ginger

Roasted carrot soup with ginger is the ideal choice if what you’re searching for is a hearty, creamy, and flavorful meal. It’s one of the finest soups to keep warm because it includes ginger and garlic, as well as spices and cream broth.

It can be served as a light dinner with bread and chickpea salad, or as a side dish to accompany roasted carrots. This soup’s flavor is enhanced by the roasted carrots, giving it the appearance of having been cooked for days. The flavor of ginger is most potent when added to a dish minutes before serving. If you want the best carrot puree, use a stick blender. However, if you don’t have one on hand, a regular blender will suffice.

Instead of heavy cream, use coconut milk to make the vegan version of Roasted Carrot Soup with Ginger. Despite the fact that there is a distinct change in flavor, it’s still just as tasty. You may also add extra vegan broth for a more full-bodied soup.

11. Chicken gnocchi soup

Chicken gnocchi soup is a creamy broth, containing spinach, grated carrots, celery, chicken, and gnocchi. It is not only nutritious but also provides a tasty alternative to combat the autumn cold.

Thanks to its ingredients, chicken gnocchi soup can be quite filling; however it usually goes well with other sides such as salads (e.g., fresh tomato and feta cheese salad or chopped Italian salad) or bread (e.g., focaccia bread). Other popular accompaniments include smoked cucumbers and salmon rolls among others.

The vegetables are chopped and grated, oil is added to a saucepan, celery, onion, garlic, and carrots are added, and everything is sautéed for approximately five minutes. Next, cut the chicken into small pieces and add it to the pot along with the broth and gnocchi.

Simmer for a few minutes at medium heat. Add the spinach leaves and cook for three more minutes before adding evaporated milk or cream. Stir well and cook for another five minutes before serving hot.

12. Creamy corn soup

This creamy corn, zucchini, and bacon soup is one of the best late-summer corn soups. It’s simple to make and quite delectable. Simply have a few ears of sweet corn, fresh zucchini, garlic, butter, herbs, and delicious Gouda cheese on hand. You may make a perfect bowl of Corn Chowder in as little as an hour with this recipe.

As summer comes to an end, some fruits and vegetables are at their peak. This corn chowder is warm, filling, and creamy – perfect for the rainy nights that characterize the ending of summer. This corn chowder is a flavorful, slightly spicy, and extra cheesy way to enjoy the first weeks of fall.

To prepare it, we start by cooking the bacon. Then we add the onion and zucchini (cooked with a touch of butter to make it creamier). With the zucchini already soft, we simmer all of the ingredients together until the potatoes and corn are tender. We then puree half of the soup for a creamy consistency, while leaving some chunks in for texture.

13. Tortellini soup

Tortellini soup should be high on the list of best soups for autumn. Not only does it help raise body temperature, but this delicious creamy broth can also be ready in just 30 minutes. It’s hearty and filling, making it a great choice not only for cool autumn days but also for winter weather. Serve with an absorbent piece of crusty bread to sop up all the soup goodness!

This soup has Italian sausage, kale, tomatoes, and a little cream in addition to tortellini. One of the advantages of this recipe is its adaptability. You may stuff the pasta with cheese and add the remaining ingredients to the sauce. Buying tortellini filled with meat or another ingredient isn’t a bad option; however, the cheese adds a wonderful base flavor that balances out the creamy aspect of the soup.

Most tortellini soup recipes include chicken or sausage, but it is possible to make a vegetarian version. This dish is so good that family and friends will request it repeatedly, making it the perfect meal to keep in mind for fall weather.

14. Apple beer soup with brie and cheddar cheese

As the weather cools down, this soup will warm you up. It’s a creamy blend of cheese and beer, with cozy spices like sage and thyme. And it couldn’t be simpler to make: cook onion with some flour to thicken the soup, then add broth, milk, cider, and your favorite beer (pumpkin beer is recommended).

To balance the sharpness of the cheddar cheese, add an apple to the soup. Let it boil until the apple softens and then puree it. Add both cheddar and brie cheeses, stirring until melted. Finally, season with cayenne and pepper according to taste before serving hot.

It’s close to a broccoli and cheddar soup, but with an apple instead of broccoli. There is no better companion for this dish than pretzels. It’s simply the greatest mix ever. They aren’t actually a part of the equation, but pretzels go great with this soup.

15. Creamy broccoli and cheddar cheese soup

This soup is comforting, flavorful, and takes less than an hour to make. The ingredients are mostly pantry staples including broth, flour, milk, garlic, and onions. Butter ties all the flavors together while carrots, broccoli , cheese, and celery create a filling vegetable medley.

The key to making a great broccoli cheddar soup is in the roux, which is a mixture of flour and butter that’s used to thicken the soup. This step may seem daunting, but it’s actually quite simple. Once you’ve made the roux, all you need to do is add milk and broth until the desired consistency is reached.

To make this soup extra creamy, we suggest using an immersion blender (or regular blender) to puree some of the cooked vegetables. This will create a smooth base for the soup without sacrificing any of the flavor or texture. Finally, stir in the cheese until melted and serve hot with crusty bread for dipping.


Soups are a great way to stay warm during the cooler months. They’re also comfort food at its finest and can be made in large batches to feed a crowd. With so many different recipes to choose from, there’s sure to be a soup for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Get cooking!

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