Traditional Food of Uruguay

Taste Uruguay's Rich Heritage

Uruguay is a country that loves beef. It is common to see barbecues and asados in various parks on weekends and holidays.

However, it is undeniable the contribution to the cuisine of the wave of immigrants, Spaniards, Italians.

Capetelis a la Caruso is a dish invented in Uruguay in the ’50s. It is pasta in the shape of small hats, filled with a kind of sauce called Caruso that resembles béchamel sauce.

Capeletis a la Caruso /  Pasta with Caruso Sauce

This dish consists of beef tenderloin, lettuce, egg, bacon, mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, and ham. It is usually served with French fries and dressed with mayonnaise.

Chivito / Steak Sandwich

Uruguayan beef is of world-renowned excellence. For this reason, dishes made with this product are highly recommended. The Uruguayan asado is one of them.

Uruguayan Asado/ Asado uruguayo

Added to this is the important culinary contribution of Italian, French and Spanish immigrants, who decided to take permanent residence in Uruguay.