Is Your Sweet Potato Still Good? Easy Tips to Spot Spoilage


Learn the telltale signs of a bad sweet potato with our handy guide. Discover simple tricks to ensure your sweet potatoes are always fresh and delicious.

Don't let a spoiled sweet potato ruin your meal – get the tips you need to keep your produce in top condition!

Brown Patches

As sweet potatoes get older, they can have small brown spots. If you see these, it’s a hint that you should use that sweet potato soon before it goes completely bad.


Little growths, or sprouts, might pop up from the potato. If they grow long, they could turn into roots.

Mould Or Soft Spots

If you see a white or grey-green furry spot, you can peel it off, and the inside should still be good. But, if you notice black spots, that’s a sign of fungus.

How Long Before A Sweet Potato Goes Bad

Raw Sweet Potatoes: Pantry: They can be good for up to 5 weeks. Fridge: They’ll last even longer here, about 3 months.