Celebrate this historic day with a memorable meal for your family or friends! Whether you're looking for an easy appetizer or a main course, I've got ideas and recipes that will make your holiday table shine. Bring the flavors of our nation's leaders into your kitchen as you explore these delicious and diverse dishes – perfect for honoring all things presidential!

Sriracha Chicken Wing Marinade Delicious Recipe

This delicious chicken wings marinade is incredibly easy to make and perfect for any special day. It features a delicious sticky sweet sauce made with honey, Sriracha, and butter!

Tips And Tricks

– You will need to make the dry spice mix and honey Sriracha glaze separately.  – You may have noticed that I don’t actually leave the chicken wings to marinate. – A pro tip when making chicken wings: leave them to rest for 5 minutes before serving them.

Crispy Air Fryer Piri Piri Chicken Drumsticks

This is one you are going to love, I promise you! Gorgeously crispy on the outside and juicy, perfectly cooked meat on the inside, all marinated in an incredibly rich, aromatic Piri rub.

Tips And Tricks

– I highly recommend marinating the chicken for at least 30 minutes. – You can always add more Piri Piri seasoning or chili powder to the marinade.  – To store these Piri Piri chicken drumsticks, you will need to place them inside an airtight container.

Sticky Soy And Garlic Chicken Wings Marinade

This chicken wings marinade is incredibly easy to make, loaded with flavor, and creates a beautiful, juicy, and sticky coating.

Tips And Tricks

– For extra crispy skin on your chicken wings, try broiling them briefly after they have finished baking.  – To add extra flavor, try adding some additional seasonings such as chili powder, cumin, smoked paprika, or coriander.

Louisiana Rub Wingstop – The Perfect Snack

This Louisiana rub from Wingstop is super easy to make and packed with flavor! And, you can use it on any chicken cut and even try it on vegetables too!

Tips And Tricks

- If you use boneless chicken wings, you can bake them for roughly 20-30 minutes. - If you are making chicken tenders, they will take between 15-20 minutes, depending on their size.

Chicken Marsala – Ina Garten

It's simple, uses a couple of ingredients, and doesn't take very long. You can create an incredibly rich and hearty meal in under an hour.

Tips And Tricks

– When pan-frying the flour-dredged chicken breasts, only flip them once.  – Don’t overfill the frying pan when cooking the chicken.  – To make the entire dish less saucy, leave the ingredients to cook for about 10 minutes.

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