Most Famous Foods From El Salvador You Must Try!

Explore El Salvador's Culinary Gems

Most Famous Foods From El Salvador You Must Try!

With its Spanish influence, Salvadoran food is a melting pot of flavor and color.

Here are 12 absolute must-tries if you’d like to give Salvadoran food a try. They are packed with magical flavors and ingredients that are both comforting and nourishing.

Famous Pupusas From El Salvador

Pupusas are griddle cakes that are made with a corn or rice flour bread dough. I like to use Masa Harina because it’s super easy to find and tasty.

 In El Salvador, it’s served as a main dish and arguably one of the most popular options to choose from in restaurants and at street vendors, especially among tourists!

Yuca Con Chicharrón

If you know what regular tamales are, these aren’t that different! But, seeing as these are specifically from El  Salvador, there are a couple of key variations.

Tamales Pisques  (The El Salvador Way)

Corn, beans, tomatoes, chilis, and squash are abundant in this county and can usually be found in any Salvadoran home.

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