Glass in the Oven

Comprehensive Guide to Safe Usage

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Discover the dos and don'ts of using glass in the oven with our comprehensive guide.

Learn how to safely harness the versatility of glass cookware for baking and roasting without the risk of shattering.

Can You Put Glass In The Oven

Glass dishes (that are specifically labeled as oven-safe) should only be used for baking. It’s not ideal for roasting and should not be used for grilling or charring.

Which Types Of Glass Can Be Used In The Oven

Tempered glass is what you will need. It can withstand temperatures between 400-482°F (204.4-250°C)! But, always buy high-quality tempered glass.

How To Know When Glass Is Safe To Use

First things first, mugs, cups, drinking glasses, beer jugs glass bowls, plates, and other various glass crockery ARE NOT OVEN SAFE. Just use this rule as set-in-stone.

How To Safely Use Oven-Safe Glassware

Do not use cracked baking dishes in the oven. They are essentially a bomb waiting to go off.