Chicken Thighs Made In An Air Fryer

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These air fryer chicken thighs are incredibly easy to make and packed with simple, yet rich and hearty flavors. Try these today with one of your favorite accompaniments!

Tips And Tricks

– If you cannot find limes, you can also use lemons. 1 large lime makes about 2 tablespoons of lime juice.  – If you’d like to, you can place the seasoned meat inside a resealable bag. – There isn’t an exact cooking time for air fryer chicken thighs (meat in general).

Why Is My Air Fryer Chicken Not Crispy?

This is likely because you stacked the chicken or because the skin wasn’t crisped (your temperature wasn’t hot enough). If you do, the hot air in the frying chamber cannot crisp up the chicken evenly.


What Can I Serve With Air-Fried Chicken?

Personally, I love a fresh cold salad, like a Cucumber And Onion Salad Recipe. It helps make the meal less heavy. You can also try this Russian Potato Salad.


Are Air Fryer Chicken Thighs Healthy?

Most recipes for air-frying chicken are healthier as compared to deep-frying. It can cut down on as much as 70-80% of calories because you don’t dredge the chicken in oil (fat).


Can You Make This Recipe In The Oven Instead?

You won’t get the exact same results because the appliances work differently. An oven cannot circulate the hot air as well as an air fryer can.