Tomato And Mozzarella Pies

Caprese Empanadas

These Empanadas feature a flaky, tender crust and a hearty, warm, cheesy filling of tomatoes and mozzarella cheese!

These Empanadas are delicious and flavorful and will be a crowd pleaser at your next dinner party.

Brown Rice
Yellow Leaves

How To Store Empanadas?

To store them in the fridge, place them in an airtight container or resealable ziplock bag and store them for up to 3 days.

How To Reheat Empanadas

You can place the Empanadas in the oven by placing them on a cookie sheet and baking them in a 300℉ oven until they are warm.

Are Empanadas Gluten-Free?

Empanadas are not gluten-free. They’re made with flour which is a type of grain that contains gluten.

Can You Make Empanadas Ahead Of Time?

Yes! Empanadas can be made ahead of time and frozen. To freeze uncooked Empanadas, place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, and freeze them for 30 minutes.

Can You Use Pie Crust For Empanadas?

Pie Crust is a lot flakier than traditional Empanada dough. While I prefer to make my own Empanada dough, you can use store-bought pie crust if you’re short on time.

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