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Score Big with Air Fryer Crispy Piri Piri Chicken Drumsticks

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This is one you are going to love,  I promise you! Gorgeously crispy on the outside and juicy, perfectly cooked meat on the inside, all marinated in an incredibly rich, aromatic Piri rub.


– Chicken drumsticks – Lemon – Olive oil – Fine salt – Freshly ground black pepper – Paprika – Ground garlic powder – Piri-Piri spice mix

step 1

To start, place the chicken drumsticks inside a large mixing bowl. Then, squeeze some lemon juice over it.

step 2

Drizzle your chicken drumsticks with some oil. Make sure it is very well coated. Then, add all of the spices over the oil-covered drumsticks.

step 3

Once you have added the spices, start working them onto the chicken. Toss the drumsticks to ensure they are evenly coated with the spices and oil.

How spicy is Piri Piri chicken?

Piri Piri chicken comes with varying levels of spiciness. However, I can say that it is generally very spicy.

Can you use Piri Piri sauce instead of Piri Piri spice?

For this recipe, using Piri Piri sauce as a marinade will work. However, the texture that the spice mix add is what I love about this method.

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