Indulge Mom with a Vibrant and Juicy Treat 

The Peach Strawberry Smoothie

Whip up a guilt-free delight this Mother's Day with a quick and easy peach strawberry smoothie recipe.  

Give Mom a refreshing treat that's light on calories and big on flavor.


– Peach – Strawberries – Mango – Yogurt – Coconut milk


Once the fruits are prepared, place them all into the blender.


Add the yogurt and coconut milk.


Blend all the ingredients until you have a uniform lump-free smoothie.

Can you use canned peaches for smoothies

You definitely can, but I don’t recommend doing so. They will also not add a fresh flavor.

Variations For This Peach Strawberry Smoothie

To make a vegan smoothie, substitute the yogurt with a vegan alternative, like cashew yogurt or coconut yogurt.