Top 15 Most Traditional Dishes in Haitian Cuisine

Taste Haiti's Cultural Legacy

The intense flavor of Haitian cuisine characterizes it as moderately spicy, prepared with aromatic herbs typical of the region.

Here, you will find 15 of the most traditional dishes of Haiti, a compendium of the most iconic meals that should not be missed when you visit this wonderful island.

Lambí guisado (stewed conch) is a traditional Haitian seafood and mollusk dish.

Lambí Guisado (Stewed Conch)

Pork Griot is a popular Haitian cuisine, spicy, sweet, sour, easy to prepare, and addictive. It consists of marinated pieces of pork, which are boiled and finally fried pork or grilled.

Pork Griot

Joumou Soup promotes the patriotic feeling of Haitians because of its outstanding historical significance.

Joumou Soup

In every bite, Haiti’s culinary excellence invites all to savor each dish’s history, heritage, and hospitality.