Keeping Apples Crisp and Fresh: Quick Guide to Storage Success


Ensure your apples stay crisp and fresh with our Quick Guide to Storage Success.

Discover practical tips and tricks to extend the shelf life of your favorite fruit, whether for snacking, baking, or making delicious apple dishes.

How To Store Apples In The Fridge

1. To start, wrap each apple in a damp piece of paper towel.  2. Next, place all of the apples inside a plastic bag. Tie the top of the bag and poke a couple of holes throughout the surface.

Storing Apples In Room Temperature

– Never store apples in direct sunlight. – Do not store apples at room temperature if it is very humid. This accelerates bacterial growth AND natural aging.

How To Store Cut Apples

1. Place the cut apples inside a large mixing bowl. 2. Drizzle the slices with fresh lemon or lime juice. This step helps prevent the slices from turning brown.

How To Store Cooked Apples

When storing cooked apples, you must place them in an airtight container. Then, keep them in the middle of the fridge.