With Easy Variations

Homemade Hello Fresh Fry Seasoning

This fry seasoning from Hello Fresh is super easy to make, takes 1 minute, and can be used in an endless amount of ways.


– Paprika – Garlic powder – Onion powder

Step 1

Measure out all of the spices you want to use.

Step 2

Combine them all in a small bowl and whisk them well.

Step 3

Use the Hello Fresh fry seasoning immediately or store it for later use.

Can you buy the Fry Seasoning from Hello Fresh?

The only way to get your hands on their spice blends is by ordering a kit from them directly. Alternatively, you can buy it from Seasoned Pioneers, which are the spice suppliers for Hello Fresh.

What can I use instead of fry seasoning?

It’s similar to seasoned salt. So anything you can find that contains mainly paprika and garlic powder will work best. There are also other brands that sell fry seasoning.