Red, White, and Delicious: Heart-Shaped July 4th Berliners Recipe

Sweet and Fluffy

Indulge in the sweet and fluffy goodness of heart-shaped July 4th Berliners.

These mouthwatering treats are filled with irresistible flavors, making them the perfect patriotic dessert for your holiday festivities.

Don't miss out on this delightful recipe that will surely steal the show at your July 4th celebration!


– Oat milk – Margarine –Active dry yeast – Lukewarm water – Egg

Heart-Shaped Berliners

Servings :  12 Cook Time: 10 mins Calories : 146 kcal


Cut out your shapes and transfer them to a lightly floured baking sheet.


Add a couple of Berliners at a time and leave them to fry for roughly 3 minutes.

Tips And Tricks

When cooking the donuts, do not overfill the deep-fryer (or air fryer).

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