The Ultimate Guide to Cutting Tomatoes like a Pro!

Expert Tips And Tricks

Many people underestimate the importance of knowing how to cut a tomato. It may seem like a simple task, yet so many people get it wrong and still struggle to this day! Tomatoes have very soft skin that is, more often than not, left on the fruits. The skins aren’t unappealing to most people and help keep the juice sacks intact.

There are just two steps to preparing them. The first is to give them a wash and the second is to remove their stem and core.

How To Prepare Tomatoes

Washing Tomatoes Cleaning tomatoes well is easy. You can rinse them under cold running water and wipe them down with a piece of paper towel or a cloth.

Removing The Stem And Core Next, you need to remove the hard stem at the top of the tomato. For this, you will need a sharp pointed-tipped knife.Another way you can remove the core is by first slicing the tomato in half, lengthwise.

How To Slice Tomatoes

Set the tomato on one of its sides. Then, use a sharp knife to cut the top off. Then, keep making clean parallel slices of even thickness.

How To Dice A Tomato

When dicing tomatoes, you want to start out with tomato slices. When they are stacked, cut the slices into strips. The strips should be the same thickness as the height of the slices. 

How To Cut Tomato Wedges

Once the tomato has been cleaned and cored, you can cut it in half, lengthwise. play the half tomato on a chopping board with the cut side facing downwards. you can either cut the half in two, three, four, or five pieces. 

How To Cut Tomato Strips

Slice the tomato in half. Place each half flat side down on the cutting board and slice very thin strips. You can do this by cutting lengthwise or crosswise.