Mother's Day Special

Show Your Love on Mother's Day with Heart-Shaped Berliners

This heart-shaped Berliner recipe, perfect for a special Mother's Day treat, is simple to create and brimming with delicious flavors. It's an ideal way to add a touch of sweetness to Mom's special day.

You can choose any filling you like, and even make your own jam at home to add a personal touch.


– Oat milk – Margarine – Active dry yeast – Lukewarm water – Egg – White sugar


Heat your frying oil to 320ºF.


Add a couple of Berliners at a time and leave them to fry for roughly 3 minutes.


Once cooked, remove them from the oil and drain the on pieces of paper towel.

Tips And Tricks

Make sure you test your oil temperature and that it doesn’t exceed 365 °F.

Why You Will Love These Heart-Shaped Berliners

Delicately balanced in flavor, sweet, and a little tart, thanks to the filling.