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12 Amazing Easter Dishes From The Dominican Republic

Meant to indulge, hearty, bring immense joy.

Today we will take a look at the best dishes from the Dominican Republic that are perfect for Easter, better known in the DR as Lent.

These dishes are all incredibly hearty and relatively easy to make, and many can even be made ahead of time.

Habichuelas Con Dulce – A Dominican Easter Staple


Also commonly referred to as Dominican sweet beans. It is one of the best-known traditional Dominican Republic desserts that is made around Easter time.

Bacalao Guisado Con Papa  (Codfish With Potatoes)

Today, bacalao is one of the most popular ingredients used during Lent. Furthermore, bacalao dishes quickly became the best-known fish dish as well.


Chacá (Corn Pudding)


This is definitely a dish that you will find at any Dominican Easter celebration! Also often referred to as “Maiz Caquiao,” this is a type of cracked corn pudding.

So, what makes this recipe special? The Dominican recipes are made from cassava beignets served with spiced wintery syrup. In my opinion, it’s WAY more flavorful than the better-known option.


Buñuelos De Yuca For A Dominican Easter

If any of these sound irresistible to you, I recommend giving them a couple of practice rounds before the time comes. I’m sure the whole family will love you for it!

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