12 Best Vanilla Extract Substitute


Vanilla is arguably one of the most used (if not the most used) flavoring extracts in the world. Vanilla extract is the best option to use for recipes, it’s not always possible. It is the most accessible form of pure vanilla flavor but is becoming more sought after.

Vanilla Paste (Or Vanilla Beans)

They are the BEST alternatives because they have the purest form. They are used to make extracts!

Vanilla Essence

It is made from artificial flavorings. That doesn’t necessarily mean the vanilla flavor will be bad. But it’s like comparing the flavor of margarine to real butter.

Vanilla Powder

Think of vanilla powder as the dried version of vanilla bean paste. It also has a very strong natural vanilla flavor but is difficult to find and comes at a higher price tag.

Vanilla Salt

You can substitute the normal fine salt with vanilla-flavored salt instead. Don’t increase or decrease the original salt amount in the recipe.