A Taste of Uruguay: Exploring Traditional Food and Flavors


Uruguay is a country that loves beef. It is common to see barbecues and asados in various parks on weekends and holidays. That mixture of recipes can be noticed in any corner of the Uruguayan geography, to the point that many of its dishes are simply replaced by some European ingredients.

Capeletis A La Caruso

Capetelis a la Caruso is a dish invented in Uruguay in the ’50s. It is pasta in the shape of small hats, filled with a kind of sauce called Caruso that resembles béchamel sauce.

Chivito / Steak Sandwich

The chivito is an exuberant sandwich, representative of Uruguayan cuisine, created in the ’40s. This dish consists of beef tenderloin, lettuce, egg, bacon, mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, and ham.

Uruguayan Asado

Uruguayan beef is of world-renowned excellence. For this reason, dishes made with this product are highly recommended. The Uruguayan asado is one of them.

Tortas Fritas / Fried Cakes

Tortas fritas are one of the most traditional desserts in Uruguay. According to historians, this recipe was brought by the Spaniards and Arabs who settled in Rio de la Plata. In Germany, where it originated, it is called Kreppel.

Uruguayan Cakes

Uruguayan sponge cakes are basically buns in different shapes, made with flour, yeast, salt, fat, and sugar. Bizcochos are an Uruguayan tradition. It is the perfect snack to accompany it with a mate while chatting with some friends.

Milanesa A La Napolitana

Milanesa a la napolitana is a very common dish in Uruguay that is also frequently consumed in Argentina. Italian gastronomic culture had a strong presence in the Southern Cone at the beginning of the last century.