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Top Cotija Cheese Substitutes for Your Favorite Dishes

Comprehensive Guide

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Cotija Cheese Replacements

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Cotija has a very white color due to the production method. It also has a firm and slightly dry, crumbly texture with a strong milky but mildly salty flavor.

Choosing The Best Substitutes

The biggest determining factor for which you will choose is what is available to you and what they cost.

Red Fox Cheddar

Red fox cheddar (the yellow one in the store) is extremely easy to find, very affordable, shockingly versatile, and can be bought in different sizes as well.

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Ricotta Salata

Ricotta Salata is specially made in Italy using extremely salty sheep’s milk. Its consistency is similar to that of cottage cheese, but the flavors are completely different. 

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Pecorino Romano is only made from sheep’s milk! The cheese is aged for at least 16 months which gives it a hard, crumbly texture and sharp, salty, nutty flavor.

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Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is very different from Cotija. It’s a fresh cheese with a high moisture content. While it is crumbly, it’s a lot wetter and softer than Cotija.

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