The Ultimate Guide to Dill Substitutes: 10 Delicious Options for Your Recipes

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Fresh dill is not available across the globe. And sometimes, even finding a dried version of it (or even dill seeds) seems impossible! That’s why we will explore some amazing substitutes for fresh and dried dill.

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Dried Or Fresh Alternative

If your recipe calls for one cup of fresh dill, you will only need a third cup (1/3 cup) of dried dill. Remember, the flavor of dried dill is a lot more concentrated, so you need less to get the same flavor results.


Tarragon has a similar licorice flavor to dill. The biggest difference is that it is a more robust herb than delicate dill.


Fennel screams licorice! It’s what it is best known for. But it’s accompanied by a slightly sweeter undertone than what dill has. You can also use this substitute for dill in equal parts.


This herb has a more earthy taste than dill, and it lacks licorice flavors. It’s also not great for cooking, and you would be better off using dried parsley for those dishes.


If you use fresh cilantro, use half the amount called for in the recipe. It’s quite strong, and you don’t want to overpower your dish with this flavor.


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