Navigating Thawed Fish Storage: Ensuring Freshness and Safety in the Fridge


Fresh fish doesn’t have a pin-pointed shelf life like processed foods do. There are so many variable factors that can ultimately help or hinder the final shelf life.

How Long Can Thawed Fish Stay In The Fridge

You cannot keep thawed fish inside the fridge for 3 days, and you cannot keep thawed fish inside the fridge for 5 days! 

How Long Does Frozen Fish Last In The Fridge

If you store frozen fish inside the fridge (to start defrosting), it can last between 2-3 days. Again, it’s best to cook it within 24 hours from when it has fully defrosted.

The Best Way To Thaw Fish

1. Remove the fish from the freezer. 2. Place it inside a baking dish or tray so that the juices don’t run all over the fridge.

How To Store Thawed Fish In The Fridge

Use paper towel to dry off the outside of the fish to prevent bacteria from growing.

Next, line a deep baking dish or tray with kitchen wipes. These will absorb any juices still coming out of the fish. Place the fish on top of the kitchen wipes and cover it with some wipes too. Then, proceed to wrap the entire tray with plastic or saran wrap. This keeps the thawed fish from drying out and losing its firm texture.

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