Can You Safely Microwave Glass?

The Truth You Need to Know

The most important thing to remember when it comes to microwaving glass is that not all glass types can be heated for cooking. This doesn’t only apply to a microwave, but to oven-uses too!

How To Know If Glass Is Microwave Safe

How are you possibly supposed to know when you can and cannot use glass in a microwave?! Luckily, with the laws and regulations in place today, they make it SUPER easy. You just have to look out for a couple of things.


If a glass container or bowl can be used inside the microwave, it will be marketed as such.

Lack Of Labeling

If there isn’t any stamps or the words “microwave-safe,” it is better to assume that the dish is not safe to be used in a microwave.

Look Of The Dish

The dish is often quite thick (about 1/8-1/6 of an inch) and has a thick rim at the top.

Glass Types

A safe option to always go for is Pyrex products or any dish made from borosilicate glass.

Tips And Tricks

– Never microwave cold or chilled glass containers.  – It’s safe to assume that drinking glasses, thin glass dishes, and glass storage containers are not safe to use in a microwave.