Starched Secrets: The Surprising Reasons Behind Eating Cornstarch

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What Is Cornstarch

Cornstarch is one of the ingredients that pops up a lot in recipes -from baking to cooking, this thickening agent is often used to achieve a certain consistency.

Is Cornstarch Healthy

Cornstarch is a highly processed flour and has very few essential nutrients. It’s important to consume whole foods as much as possible as they are far more beneficial from a health perspective than processed foods.

Why Are People Eating Cornstarch On Its Own

The key reason people might be consuming lots of raw cornstarch is due to Pica, a disorder that people face where they have cravings for non-nutritive ingredients.

Top 10 Uses Of Cornstarch

As a thickening agent

The best way to work with it is to make a paste by adding liquid to it and then whisking it into soups and gravies. It’s also handy when trying to thicken a thin sauce.

Cleaning products

Natural laundry detergents are sometimes formulated with the inclusion of cornstarch.

Personal care products

Powdered products in the beauty world are often made with cornstarch as a key ingredient.


Pills and capsules can contain cornstarch to help keep their shelf-life.


Used as a binder in papermaking. Cornstarch is “painted” on to increase the strength of the paper.

Glue and adhesives

Cornstarch is used occasionally in the manufacturing of adhesives and is often a natural alternative to chemical-based recipes.