Warm Up Your Taste Buds with These 10 Mouth-Watering Mexican Soups

Mexico is known for its delicious food and its soups are no exception. From traditional pueblo-style stews to modern takes on classics like tortilla soup, in Mexico you will find the best of the best.


Menudo is a Mexican soup with basic ingredients such as beef or goat offal, garlic, chili, corn, onion, and tripe, although you will find regional variations.


Pozole is one of the most versatile soups because it allows a lot of room for creativity. There are three main versions: white, green and red pozole.

Sopa De Tortilla De Pollo

Chicken tortilla soup is one of the tastiest and easiest Mexican dishes to prepare. It is characterized by the crispy fried tortilla strips that cover it.

Caldo De Res

This soup is one of the most popular dishes in Mexico as it is cheap, quick, and simple to prepare. It is ideal for warming up during winter nights.

Mole De Olla

Inhabitants of southern and central Mexico consume Mole de Olla regularly, especially during hot days. This is because it regulates body temperature, according to some diners.


Originally, for preparing Mexican birria stew, beef was used as the main ingredient. Later lamb became the main element of this well-known dish.