How Long Does Dry Ice Last

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Dry ice, known in science class as solid carbon dioxide, is used across industries to transport multiple items that require a cold chain in the food and medical industry. No matter what you are planning to do with it, understanding its shelf-life is pretty important.

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How Long Does Dry Ice Last?

Generally speaking, a piece of dry ice will change from a solid to a gas (nope, not into water – remember it’s solid CO2 and not H2O) at a rate of about 5-10% per day, depending on how you’ve stored it.

How Long Can I Keep 1 Lb Of Dry Ice?

If you have a 1 lb piece of dry ice that is changing from a solid to a gas at a rate of 5-10% per day, you can expect it to last you between 10-20 days in a freezer.

What Are The Key Differences Between Dry Ice And Regular Ice?

Dry ice is way colder than regular ice, with an internal temperature of around -109°F versus frozen water at 32°F.

What Are Some Of The Uses Of Dry Ice In The Food Industry?

1. Dry ice is used in food preservation. 2. Dry ice is used in the carbonation of certain beverages.

How To Safely Dispose Of Dry Ice At Home

Place your piece of dry ice in a spot that is well-ventilated. Simply allow the dry ice to be exposed to air, and it will sublimate at around 5-10% per day.


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