Grumpy Gooseberry Pie

This otherworldly Grumpy Gooseberry Pie has the best pie filling ever that you’d find yourself eating slice after slice. Serve this pie hot or cold with custard or ice cream topping.

Gooseberry Pie Can Be Served With

- Ice cream - Custard - Vanilla sauce - Cream - Frozen Yogurt

For the Pie Crust

– All-Purpose Flour - Butter - Salt - Iced water

For the Filling

– Gooseberries -  Water - Brown Sugar - Butter - Vanilla Extract - Flour - Salt - Lemon Zest

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Can You Freeze Gooseberry Pies?

Yes! Fruit pies can either be frozen both unbaked or baked. To freeze unbaked fruit pie, assemble them (but don’t apply the egg wash), and freeze uncovered until firm.


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