This Grey Stuff Recipe is extremely easy to make! You only need a few basic ingredients to create a creamy refreshing treat that can be enjoyed all year round.

For the sugar cookies

– salted butter – granulated white sugar – vanilla extract – egg – cake flour – baking powder – fine salt

For the Grey Stuff

– cold milk – instant vanilla pudding mix – Oreos – whipped topping – instant chocolate pudding mix – Edible sugar pearls

Why Is It Called Grey Stuff?

Grey Stuff is the name of a treat from the movie Beauty And The Beast. In the “Be Our Guest” scene, Lumière (the candelabra) offers Belle a taste of the Grey Stuff. Ever since the entire globe became fascinated by it!

Tips To Make The Grey Stuff From Be Our Guest

You have to rest the cookie dough. Otherwise, once they start baking, they will immediately spread far too much and come out like wafer cookies.

You can also buy sugar cookies if you’d like. But, making homemade cookies will always give better cookies. The flavor and texture will be superior to any store-bought product.

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Swipe up to get the full recipe!