Ghana's Culinary Treasures: Explore the Top 25 Traditional Dishes


Discover the vibrant and diverse flavors of Ghanaian cuisine, from the iconic Jollof Rice to the savory delight of Fufu and Light Soup.

This comprehensive list offers a tantalizing glimpse into the heart of Ghana's food culture, allowing you to savor the authenticity and tradition of these beloved dishes.


Typically served with Kontomire stew, Ampesi consists of boiled plantain and yam that are soft on the inside but still have a firm texture.

Jollof Rice

Ghanaian jollof rice uses aromatic Thai jasmine rice with more spices like ginger and garlic blended into the pepper mix.

Red Red

The combination of tender black-eyed peas simmered in a thick tomato sauce with spices such as paprika, ginger, and garlic is absolutely unique.

Palm Nut Soup

This traditional Ghanaian dish is typically served with rice or any starchy side and pairs perfectly with fermented corn dough or cassava dough.