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Try this refreshing, flavor-stuffed, and nutrient-dense carrot and orange juice recipe. It only requires 4 ingredients and is super easy and quick to make.


– carrots – oranges – ginger – lemon – mint leaves, optional

Is This Carrot And Orange Juice Healthy?

The healthy thing about juice, however (when unprocessed) is that it contains a ton of nutrients, especially when you drink it with the pulp.

Should You Remove The Peel Of Juicing Ingredients?

Not all peels are edible or tasty. That is why I remove the peel from the oranges but not the carrots. If you’d like, you can add orange zest to the juice.

What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Carrot And Orange Juice?

This juice doesn’t contain any sweeteners or preservatives. It is made from fresh ingredients only. It’s exceptionally high in vitamin C and also contains high amounts of vitamins A, B, E, and K.

Swipe up to get the full recipe!

Swipe up to get the full recipe!