The Secrets to Perfect Rice How Much Water for 2 Cups?

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Rice is a staple ingredient for many countries across the globe – and for a good reason! It’s very affordable, easy to prepare and cook, versatile in how you use it and extremely filling.


– basmati rice – 4 cups water – 1 – 2 tsp fine salt


Combine the rice and water in a medium pot. Add a teaspoon of salt and give the ingredients a good stir.


Place the pot over medium-high heat and bring the rice to a boil.


After your rice has finished cooking, remove it from the heat and leave it to stand for 5 minutes.

General Rule Of Thumb (Short-Grain Rice)

The general rule of thumb is to use 1 part rice to 2 parts water. This means that for 2 cups of rice, you will need 4 cups of water.

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How Much Water For 2 Cups Of Rice

For varietals like basmati or jasmine rice, you only need 1 cup of rice and 1 1/2 cups of water. So, for 2 cups of long-grain rice, you will need 3 cups of water.

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How Long Do You Boil 2 Cups Of Rice

Usually, 2 cups of rice will take about 15 minutes to fully absorb the liquid. Then, the longer you leave it, the softer the rice will become.

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