This delicious goat and cassava leaf stew is incredibly easy to make and exceptionally versatile. It is packed with rich, meaty, and umami flavors that make the perfect dinner for any occasion.


– Cassava Leaves – Goat Stewing Meat – Salt and pepper – Onion – Scotch Bonnet Peppers – Dried Mixed Herbs – Ogiri, optional – Garlic – Ginger

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What Is Cassava Leaf Stew?

Today’s stew is primarily made from goat meat and cassava leaves. It also contains additional flavoring ingredients like spices, aromatics, and stock.

What Do You Serve With Cassava Leaf Stew?

Rice, swallows or plantains are some of my favorites because of how easy they are to make and how natural their flavor is.

Swipe up to get the full recipe!

Swipe up to get the full recipe!