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If you are looking for an uber creamy refreshing drink to try, Batido de Trigo is for you! This recipe takes 5 minutes and is incredibly versatile too.


– trigo (puffed wheat cereal) – condensed milk – vanilla extract – fine salt – whole milk – ice

What Is Batido De Trigo Made Of?

Not many people are familiar with this delicious drink. It is more commonly known in Western countries as a Cuban wheat milkshake. And trust me, you will be blown away by the deliciously rich and sweet flavors!

What Do Trigo Milkshakes Taste Like?

This milkshake is very earthy in flavor. It also has notes of vanilla extract and you can clearly taste the sweetness. Some people say that they pick up hints of bitterness, but that’s usually when you don’t add enough sugar.

Is Batido De Trigo Cubano Healthy?

Obviously, this milkshake contains fat and carbs from the milk and condensed milk. And while puffed wheat by itself is considered a healthy snack, when combined with ingredients like these, I would not call it a low-calorie shake.

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Swipe up to get the full recipe!