Jollof Rice

Discover the richness and beauty of the traditional African cuisine. The colors, the flavors, the variety of African dishes are sure to take you on a journey through the different regions of this huge continent. The cuisine of Africa is as diverse as the continent’s geography and culture.

The wide variety of ingredients and cooking styles reveals indigenous origins, European exploration and colonization, Arab influences, and eventually a history shaped by the tastes of American plantation owners in the Caribbean, who shipped their favorite spices to Africa to be blended into local recipes, bringing the history of African cuisine right up to modern times.

The African continent spans a wide range of climates from dry deserts to tropical jungles and also includes pastoral lands and highlands. This variety in agricultural production has led to a wide variety of ingredients which are used in the recipes from different regions.

In addition, the length of the coastline and the size of rivers across Africa vary from one region to another. These natural variations in climate and geography play a major role in African Cuisine, for example, spices such as cloves or cinnamon which are common in North Africa become rare finds in tropical regions where other ingredients such as chili peppers take over.


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