Mukimo with Beef Stew

by Keesha
Keesha's Mukimo with Beef Stew

Mukimo (Moh-Kee-Moh) which is also known as irio is a famous Kenyan dish originating from the Kikuyu tribe. Mukimo means mashed and the dish is basically the African answer to mashed potatoes. It can be found across the entire country, although in different variations and combinations. The traditional Mukimo is made out of boiled beans, maize and potatoes and can easily take a few hours to prepare (but it is worth it!).

You can serve Mukimo with any kind of stew. My preference is to serve it with beef stew but if you prefer the vegetarian version, it tastes lovely with Kachumbari as well. Mukimo is mostly served during events, especially in the Kikuyu community and there is no proper Kikuyu wedding or birthday without Mukimo!


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